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American Studies
  AMER1050  Foundations of American Studies, I: The origins of the nation
  AMER2002  The road in American culture
  AMER2014  A dream in the heart: varieties of Asian American culture
  AMER2015  The American city
  AMER2021  On the road again: Field trip in American Studies
  AMER2022  What’s on TV? Television and American culture
  AMER2029  Current perspectives on the U.S.
  AMER2033  Asia on America’s screen
  AMER2035  Addicted to war? The US at home and abroad
  AMER2037  Institutions in American life: home, education, work and play
  AMER2038  American film, from Golden-Age Hollywood to New Hollywood and beyond
  AMER2039  The art of crime and its detection in the United States
  AMER2040  Creating culture in the world: American creative industries in the age of globalization
  AMER2041  How the West was won: The frontier in American culture and literature
  AMER2042  Consuming culture: decoding American symbols
  AMER2043  Born in the USA: U.S. youth cultures
  AMER2044  Wall Street: Issues in American business
  AMER2045  Film beyond the mainstream: American art cinema
  AMER2047  Religion in America
  AMER2048  American literature
  AMER2049  Immigrant nation: The cultural legacy of immigration in the United States
  AMER2050  Foundations of American Studies, II: Reconstructing the nation
  AMER2051  Extended essay in American Studies
  AMER2052  Studies in American culture and society
  AMER2053  History of US-China relations
  AMER2054  Business and culture in the 21st century: US/Greater China connections
  AMER2055  African American History and Culture
  AMER2056  American capitalism
  AMER2057  Africian American cinema
  AMER2058  Art and law in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries
  AMER2059  20th century American rock music in a global context
  AMER2060  US/Latin American cultural interactions
  AMER2061  Argentina and Chile dictatorships: Building resistance in literature and film
  AMER2062  Disability and human rights in American Studies
  AMER2063  American art and politics, 1945-today
  AMER2064  Art, time, and new media
  AMER2065  Radical artistic practice in the shadow of Hollywood
  AMER3007  Dissertation in American Studies
  AMER3008  American Studies Internship
  AMER3050  Foundations of American Studies, III: Capstone experience
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