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Global Creative Industries
  GCIN1001  Introduction to global creative industries
  GCIN2001  Creative industries in practice: Labor, organization and management
  GCIN2002  Commercializing creativity: A cultural critique
  GCIN2003  Cultural policy: A complex marriage of business, politics and culture
  GCIN2005  Internship in global creative industries
  GCIN2006  Fashion and luxury: Cultural and organizational dynamics
  GCIN2007  Film and media: Cultural and organizational dynamics
  GCIN2008  Advertising: Cultural and organizational dynamics
  GCIN2009  Art worlds: Aesthetics, money, and markets
  GCIN2010  Fairs, festivals and competitive events
  GCIN2011  Understanding Hong Kong TV industry
  GCIN2012  Introduction to video games studies
  GCIN2013  Understanding Japanese video game industry
  GCIN2014  Communication strategies in advertising
  GCIN2015  Entrepreneurship in creative industries
  GCIN2016  Financing for creative industries
  GCIN2017  Luxury markets in East Asia
  GCIN2018  Publishing industry in digital age
  GCIN2019  The arts entrepreneurship in Hong Kong
  GCIN2020  New media and social media
  GCIN2021  Creative industries, supply chain management and business model innovations
  GCIN2022  Understanding fashion from interdisciplinary approaches
  GCIN2023  Fashion entrepreneurship
  GCIN2024  Design management in fashion industry
  GCIN2025  Strategic fashion branding and marketing
  GCIN2026  Applied law to creative industries and laws: An introduction
  GCIN2027  Intellectual property, knowledge and creativity: Mapping out the legal issues
  GCIN2028  Understanding Asian cinema: History, culture, and industry
  GCIN2029  Understanding video games: How to design popular culture
  GCIN2030  Asian art markets: Global markets and regional dynamics
  GCIN2031  Reinventing tradition: Cultural production in contemporary China
  GCIN2032  The tea industry in China: Aesthetics and market
  GCIN4001  Global creative industries research project (capstone experience)
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