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Spanish Programme
  SPAN1001  Spanish I.1
  SPAN1002  Spanish I.2
  SPAN1021  Introduction to the culture of Spain
  SPAN2001  Spanish II.1
  SPAN2002  Spanish II.2
  SPAN2021  The sounds of Spanish: An introduction to Spanish phonetics and pronunciation
  SPAN2025  Spanish-writing workshop I
  SPAN2026  Spanish-writing workshop II
  SPAN2027  Cultural icons from the Hispanic world
  SPAN2028  Spanish for professional purposes
  SPAN2029  Introduction to the cultures and history of Latin America
  SPAN2030  Key topics in Spanish grammar: From theory to practice
  SPAN3001  Spanish III.1
  SPAN3002  Spanish III.2
  SPAN3021  The art of translation: From Spanish to English
  SPAN3023  Hispanic visual and literary cultures
  SPAN3025  Spanish-American cultures and civilizations
  SPAN3026  Spanish in Latin America and bilingualism in the U.S.
  SPAN3028  Spanish for business and intercultural communication
  SPAN3031  Contemporary Spain: cultural and societal changes
  SPAN3032  Hispanic sociolinguistics
  SPAN3119  Overseas immersion language course - Spanish
  SPAN4001  Spanish IV.1
  SPAN4003  Developing autonomy in Spanish language learning (capstone experience)
  SPAN4004  Hispanic culture research project (capstone experience)
  SPAN4005  Internship for students of Spanish (capstone experience)
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