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Japan Studies
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Japan Studies is an interdisciplinary programme aimed at giving students a broad-based education on Japan—its language, culture, history, society, economy, governance, environment, and people.  The programme combines the perspectives and curricular strengths of a variety of disciplines, including literature, linguistics, art history, history, anthropology, sociology, geography, politics, international relations, economics, journalism and popular culture.  Graduates will be prepared to enter a wide range of careers in the public and private sectors in which a comprehensive and sophisticated understanding of Japan is essential to success.

For the 4-year curriculum students in the major are required to complete 72 credits of courses.

Students seeking to complete the Minor in Japanese Culture in the programme of Japan Studies must complete 36 credits of courses.

Please see Japanese Studies Handbook 2020-2021 for details

Learning Outcomes:
Students who have completed a BA programme in Japanese Studies should be able to:

• Analyze and think critically about issues in Japanese culture and society
• Demonstrate an interest in exploring specific topics in Japanese studies
• Articulate critical and creative views on Japan and the Japanese language and apply the ability to understand unfamiliar situations.
• Demonstrate the ability to understand core problems related to Japan and the Japanese language as circulating in current international scholarly debates
• Use a cross-cultural perspective to compare Japanese and other societies
• Communicate in spoken and written Japanese about personal, social, cultural issues
• Communicate at both factual and abstract levels about issues in Japanese culture and society
• Use Japanese appropriately in formal and informal contexts
• Use Japanese fluently to express ideas, opinions and facts
• Demonstrate an understanding of how Japan and the Japanese language are connected with other societies and cultures

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