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African Studies
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The African Studies Programme at the University of Hong Kong offers a Bachelor of Arts Minor in African Studies, through which students can explore Africa as a study area from interdisciplinary perspectives.

To obtain a Minor in African Studies, students are required to take the prerequisite course AFRI1001 “Foundations in African Studies”, 12 credits from core courses, and 18 credits from the interdisciplinary elective courses listed below, totaling 36 credits.

BA Syllabus (2020-2021)

Courses within the African Studies Programme are open to all BA students and also to students in other faculties. 

Learning Outcomes:
Students who have completed a BA programme in African Studies should be able to:

• critically examine news and reports about the African continent and be able to engage in discussing global issues with relevant African perspectives.
• relate African world views to issues in their own field of study through out their professional lives.
• to serve as resource persons in their society in teaching and sensitizing people especially young ones about the African condition throughout their lives.
• creatively deconstruct prevailing ideas about African studies.
• demonstrate the ability to propose novel approaches towards constructing new approaches to solving problems of interpretation in any area of African studies.
• relate different problems together such that ill-defined problems can become clearer from an integrated, holistic perspective.
• relate their own cultural values, objects, and images to those of Africa towards a better understanding of themselves.
• demonstrate a greater understanding of Africa and people of African origins.
• put African viewpoints and cultural beliefs within a wider theoretical perspective about human belief systems.
• demonstrate an ability to discuss African linguistic, musical, cultural, literary, artistic, and socio-political systems in a comparative global  perspective towards understanding the diversity of human heritage.
• demonstrate an ability to function in multi-linguistic and multicultural environments involving Africa and Africans, such as being able to function independently in fieldwork environments in Africa.
• demonstrate cross-cultural literacy in approaching African cultural norms in juxtaposition to those of their own.
• demonstrate basic level of communication and fluency in an African language.
• appreciate African linguistic, musical, literary and other art forms and communicate about them in an informed way.
• demonstrate cross-cultural literacy in collaborative projects involving African and other societies.
• provide leadership expertise to people and organizations involved in improving the lot of Africans.
• explain the African condition to both governmental and non-governmental organizations
• take initiative in their communities and professional circles towards a better understanding of Africa and Africans.

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