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The China Studies programme addresses the growing interest in the academic study of Greater China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong/Macau) from a multi-disciplinary approach that includes methodologies from fields in both the humanities and social sciences. Given China’s place in the world today an intensive study of the country and its peoples that focuses on its history, language, culture, politics, economics and society is crucial. As they prepare for their future careers, students will benefit from multi-disciplinary knowledge of historical and social change and development in China informed by rigorous empirical research in the humanities and social sciences. In addition to rigorous training in China studies, the programme also allows students  a) to pursue a possible second major with a better understanding of China as an empirical case, and b) to develop their interest and to enhance their academic ability in area studies.

This joint cross-Faculty programme with two streams – one in Arts and the other in Social Sciences – is a suitable learning platform for both international and local students. Courses introduce China’s political, economic, social, and cultural traits in the past and present through various disciplinary and topical perspectives. International students in both streams, if they are interested in studying the Chinese language, may take Chinese language courses. All students are encouraged to develop  comprehensiveholistic mastery of Chinese language, culture and improved understanding of China’s social institutions through a real-life context through the major’s exchange programmes, The programme also offers experiential learning opportunities and exchanges that focus on China studies on the mainland, Taiwan, or any China studies center overseas. [Note: every Social Sciences student is required to undertake an internship and an out-of-Hong Kong program to graduate.] 

Students should follow their respective Faculties’ regulations and syllabus governing the degree.  Students of the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Social Sciences who declare the stream of China Studies major outside their home Faculty should select an additional major offered by their home Faculty. BA students wish to opt for the Social Sciences streams should refer to the Social Sciences syllabus.  

BA Syllabus (2020-2021)

Learning Outcomes:
Students who have completed a BA programme in China Studies should be able to:

• acquire and master theories, concepts, and analytical frameworks from various humanities and social sciences disciplines that will enhance intellectual and emotional competence in academic, professional, and personal endeavors.
• apply concepts and theories used in the humanities and social sciences to analyze historical, social, economic, cultural and political development in China.
• reflect critically on learning through participation in projects, including China-based exchanges.
• work with fellow students in group projects so that students can become accustomed to and adept at collaborating and communicating with others, as well as taking collective responsibility for the process and outcomes of joint endeavors.
• cultivate awareness and interest in historical and social issues and problems in China and become leaders in advocating reform.

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