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JAPN2031 - The media and Japan
Credits: 6
Examination: No
Assessment: 100% coursework (projects, and essays)
Period: 2nd semester
Available: Not on offer in 2019/2020

Interdiscipinary Elective Course

This course introduces students to the workings of the media in Japan.  The course will focus on the following three areas: coverage of the Hong Kong handover; TV documentary features on international affairs; and Japanese TV entertainment programmes available in Hong Kong.  It will examine how the Japanese media covered the 1997 handover and will contrast its coverage of the event with that of other international media organisations.  Students will watch and analyse feature-length documentaries whose broadcasting subsequently influenced the decisions of high-ranking Japanese Government officials.  The course will also look at the distribution and consumption of Japanese cartoons, dramas and entertainment shows amongst the local Hong Kong Chinese population from the 1970s onwards.

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