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Students' Research

Congratulations to our graduates who have won prestigious awards!

Name Award
Dr. Chung Chi Kei, Martin Award for Outstanding Research Postgraduate Student (2012-13)
Dr. Lai Suet Lin, Selina
Three-Minute Thesis Award (2011)
Li Ka Shing Best Thesis Prize (2011-12)

Our postgraduate students conduct research on a wide variety of topics. The list below outlines the research of our graduates in recent years.

2015 Graduates

Name Thesis Title Supervisor/s Primary (P) and Co (C)
Chan Yan Chuen (PhD) Neorealism and Chinese Ideology in Yamada Yoji’s Family Films D. Wong (P)
I. Nakayama (C)
Chang Ching Fang (PhD) An Anthropological Study of A Japanese Advertising Production Company D. Wong
Chen Shuangli (PhD) Cultivating New Ryōsai Kenbo: St. Agnes’ School in the Meiji Period Y. Nakano (P)
P. Cave (C)
Selena Dramlic (PhD) Hu Shi’s National Learning: Actualizing the Chinese Renaissance by Reorganizing National Heritage K. Johnson (P)
L. Edwards (C)
Lau Mei Ki (PhD) An Anthropological Study of Arashi Fans in Hong Kong D. Wong
Lau Suet Wing, Tiffy (MPhil) The Harlem Renaissance and the story behind the fiction of Carl Van Vechten K. Johnson (P)
T. Gruenewald (C)
Pan Jie (PhD) The Ethics and Business of Organic Food Production, Circulation and Consumption in Japan D. Wong (P)
I. Nakayama (C)
Simone Raudino (PhD) The Limits of Official Development Aid in Fostering Economic Growth. A Comparative Analysis of Western and Chinese Economic Cooperation Practices in Africa R. Vogt (P)
S. Auer (C)
Wang Chao, Alec (MPhil) Sign Language and the Moral Government of Deafness in Antebellum America K. Johnson (P)
J. Wong (C)
Zhang Jianqiao (MPhil) Marginalized Women under the Spotlight: Third Republic (1870-1940) Schoolmistresses Portrayed in French Literature R. Vogt (P)
D. Meyer (C)
Zhang Yun (PhD) Gendered Writing, the Women’s Press, and Modernity: The Making of Chinese New Women, 1898-1918 K. Johnson (P)
L. Edwards (C)

2014 Graduates

Name Thesis Title Supervisor/s Primary (P) and Co (C)
Guan Bei Bei (PhD) The Dandy and The Historical Ragpicker: A Study of Contrary Responses to Modernity of Charles Baudelaire and Walter Benjamin R. Vogt

2013 Graduates

Name Thesis Title Supervisor/s Primary (P) and Co (C)
Chung Chi Kei, Martin (PhD) Repentance: The Jewish Solution to the German Problem R. Vogt
Poon Sze Chung, Milton (MPhil) Socialization of International Human Rights Norms in the Context of China’s Modernisation R. Vogt (P)
A. Leutzsch (C)
Wong Chi Hang, Samuel (PhD) The Localization of Japanese video games in Taiwan D. Wong
Zhu Yi (PhD) Control and Manipulation: The Company Building Process of a Japanese Fashion Enterprise in Hong Kong D. Wong

2012 Graduates

Name Thesis Title Supervisor/s Primary (P) and Co (C)
Lai Suet Lin, Selina (PhD) Lighting Out for the Chinese Territory: Mark Twain & ‘Civilization’ in China K. Johnson
Wang Ruoxing (MPhil) Cultural Prorogation in Mainland China - A Case Study of BL Culture D. Wong
Wong Kar Kei, Jenny (MPhil) The challenge of modernity and Italo Calvino’s literary responses: An examination of the relationship between humanity and the world, and literature as a reconciling force W. Cristaudo
Wong Nga Ting (MPhil) Constructing Climate Policy - The European Union and China W. Cristaudo (P)
R. Vogt (C)


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