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SMLC7025. Advanced Studies in American Cultural History

This course is an elective course.


  1. To gain intimate knowledge of the relevant aspects of American history, literature, politics, social issues and relate individual disciplinary insights to one another.
  2. To develop analytic and pedagogical skills through an oral presentation.
  3. To master research and writing skills on a level compatible with professional publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Course Syllabus

This is a research-intensive course designed for graduate students in American Studies either at the Master’s or Doctoral level. The course is a stand-alone unit which, however, may be taken in conjunction with SMLC6006 to provide an opportunity for a full-year study program. It may be taught either as a one-on-one directed-reading course, allowing a student to pursue an individualized program of research under the guidance of a supervisor, or as a graduate seminar, combining the interests of a small group of students in, and possibly outside, American Studies. Centering on topics relevant to the study of American cultural history and cognate subjects, the coursework may include oral presentations and shorter writing assignments, but will in all cases include a mandatory capping research and writing project submitted at the end of term. The expectation is that this final paper will be of a length and quality that would facilitate its eventual professional publication.

Mode of Assessment

100% coursework. Assessment on a Pass/Fail basis.

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