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SMLC7005. Transferable Skills (The Humanities and Area Studies)

This course will provide students with skills that will enable them to move effectively through their graduate student career and to make a smooth transition into academic or other employment.


This course aims to

  1. Equip students with the myriad professional skills they will require for successful academic or research career-both as students and in the workplace.
  2. Enable them to move smoothly through the relationships they will encounter in their profession and
  3. Equip students with strategies to advance their careers and as they move through various stages as independent researchers and leaders in their fields.
  4. Anticipate problems of a professional and personal nature in the research environment.

Course Syllabus

The topics covered include:

  1. Collaborative research (e.g in pairs or teams).
  2. Giving effective presentations.
  3. Asking good questions in seminars.
  4. Writing for publication (e.g. book reviews, journal articles, blogs).
  5. Understanding the publication process.
  6. Working with your supervisor.
  7. Managing stress, isolation and writer’s block.
  8. Compartmentalizing large and complex projects.
  9. Time management.
  10. Grant Writing techniques..
  11. Professional networking and engaging with popular press and other media.

Mode of Assessment

Assessment will be by coursework on a Pass/Fail basis.

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