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SMLC7002. Research Colloquium I

This course is compulsory for M.Phil. and four-year Ph.D. students in the School. Students must take the course during their first year of study. This is a one-year course. Students may substitute a similar course in a discipline in another School, subject to the approval of their supervisor, the DRPC and the HADC..


  1. To assist students in clarifying their research aims, research problem, and research methodology..
  2. To teach students basic skills for presenting the above at a research seminar.
  3. To have students acquire basic abilities in research seminar participation.
  4. To foster a research community of postgraduate students, in which learning from peers is encouraged, and to combat research students’ isolation..

Course Syllabus

The course will consist of classes, in each of which one M.Phil. or Ph.D candidate will make a presentation of part of their work in progress. This will be followed by discussion. Students will be required to make a presentation in their second semester. The presentation must include the following::

  1. A clear statement of the problems and the aim of the research.
  2. A presentation of the scholarly background relevant to the research, including a literature review.
  3. The theoretical issues to be explored and how they are relevant to the proposed research.
  4. Research methodology to be used.
  5. The contribution of the research to learning.
  6. The timetable of the research.

Teachers will give students detailed and extensive comments.

Mode of Assessment

Assessment will be by coursework. Attendance equivalent to 80% of the classes is required. Exemption is possible when students have to be absent for reasons related to the pursuit of their M.Phil. or Ph.D. research, e.g. fieldwork. Students must participate actively in discussions. The course will be assessed on a Pass/Fail basis.

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