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Application Procedures for Potential Applicants

The School of Modern Languages and Cultures offers Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and 3-year and 4-year Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) research degree programmes in both full-time and part-time study modes.

Applicants need to complete the graduate School Administrative requirements for eligibility and scholarships. They should also connect with a potential supervisor in the School to locate a suitable willing supervisor for their proposed thesis.

Applicants should bear in mind that the allocation of higher degree places in the University of Hong Kong is a very competitive process. Applicants need an excellent undergraduate record – at the very least an Upper Second Honours – to even be considered. If you come from a university that does not have an Honours system you will need to be in the top 20 percent of students to be considered.

Graduate School requirements

Applications should be submitted to the Graduate School via the Online Application System. Applicants for admission to the full-time MPhil and PhD programmes can also apply for the postgraduate studentship.

For more information on the admission requirements, application procedures and postgraduate studentships, please refer to the Graduate School's Guide to Application for Admission to MPhil/PhD Programmes.

Prospective students may also find it useful to consult the step-by-step explanation provided by the Graduate School.

School of Modern Languages and Cultures requirements

You will need to demonstrate to the selection committee processing applications that you are hard working and have initiative.

This means that you must design a research proposal which will indicate to the committee that you have already started thinking seriously about your topic.

The research proposal should be between 3-5 pages, and it should illustrate that you are familiar with the basic literature and positions in the field. [MPhil 3-4 pages; PhD 4-5 pages].

Details of research proposal requirements for both MPhil and PhD are found under the Faculty of Arts headings on the Graduate School website.

These are research degrees that require the ability to work independently. You demonstrate initiative and your suitability to the programme by writing this proposal on your own. Do not to expect your potential supervisor to design the proposed topic for you.

Contact the appropriate supervisor in your proposed field of research to see if they are willing and able to serve as your supervisor. Their email addresses are located on the List of Staff Research Interests.

Postgraduate Admissions Advisor
Dr. Stefan Auer
Tel: 3917 2911
Fax: 2548 0487

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