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Seminar: 香港週與菠蘿陣—五十年前的一闋插曲 The “Hong Kong Week” and the Bombs Parade: A Small Episode in the Year 1967
Date: 24 October 2017 
Hong Kong Studies, School of Modern Languages and Cultures HKU has the pleasure of inviting you to the Seminar:

香港研究課程公開講座 Hong Kong Studies Programme Public Seminar

The “Hong Kong Week” and the Bombs Parade: A Small Episode in the Year 1967

Dr. Clement Tong (Carey Theological College, Vancouver)

日期 Date:2017.10. 24 (Tue)
時間 Time:4:30pm-6pm
地點 Venue:G/F – CBA, Chow Yei Ching Building
語言 Language:廣東話 Cantonese

唐子明博士現任溫哥華Carey神學院聖經學助理教授及中文神學部主任,並以客座講師身份在溫哥華神學院 (VST) 教授聖經原文(希臘文和希伯來文)。作為有專業資格的註冊翻譯員,也是華人基督教音樂事工「頌恩旋律」的創辦人及總幹士,語言文字和音樂是唐博士生命中不可或缺的部分。

1967年10 月底,香港工業總會及香港貿易發展局合辦了為期一星期的「香港週」。這時候自五月開始的騷亂已進入尾聲,主辦當局希望藉這個活動吸引本地消費及外來投資,也希望一掃多個月來的敵對和分歧氣氛。當要選定活動口號時,他們作了一個似乎是很安全的選擇:「香港人買香港貨」— 一個自五十年代已多次出現的工展會口號,一個「行貨」的決定……由於這個口號,「香港週」成為六七年香港社會最後一個導火線,引發了最後一個炸彈浪潮,更加深了身份認同的爭議—一個至今仍然影響香港社會的議題。

 The first and last ever “Hong Kong Week” happened exactly 50 years ago, after months of unprecedented chaos and hostilities playing out on the streets of Hong Kong. Organized by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries in conjunction with the Trade Development Council, the fashion festival-turned-general celebration was intended to promote Hong Kong goods and products to the local consumers and foreign buyers, and to be a show of solidarity for a community rattled by protests and riots. When it came to picking a slogan the organizers opted for something safe and non-confrontational, and decided on “Hong Kong people use Hong Kong goods”, a rather uncreative choice that was often used at the Hong Kong Brands & Products Expo since the 1950s.
 Yet, thanks to the timing of the “Hong Kong Week”, this slogan became the last major trigger point of hostilities in the year 1967, igniting not just another wave of bomb threats, but another round of fierce argument about the Hong Kong identity.

 Dr. Clement Tong is the Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies and the Director of Chinese Programs at the Carey Theological College, Vancouver. He also teaches Greek and Hebrew at the Vancouver School of Theology, and is a former lecturer of Translation Skills and Comparative Cultural Studies at the Simon Fraser University. He has been a professional and certified translator in Canada for 19 years.

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