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Photo Exhibition: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: Glimpses and Insights
Date: 29 Sep - 7 Oct 2016 
School of Modern Languages and Cultures HKU has the pleasure of inviting you to the Photo Exhibition: 

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea:  Glimpses and Insights

Despite the tensions between the DPRK and the international community over the recent nuclear and missile tests, North Koreans live their lives in a remarkably ordinary and resilient manner. Foreign visitors to the country are heavily monitored, but on occasion, one might be lucky enough to capture a unique moment in the everyday lives of North Koreans on film. The DPRK Observatory, in partnership with the Pyongyang Project, aims to take you on a visual journey through the DPRK. This exhibition includes recent photos taken by HKU colleagues, students and our partners, and provides commentary on the society and culture of contemporary North Korea.  The images provide glimpses of and insights into familiar places as well as remote parts of the DPRK that are left off the usual tourist itineraries. Collectively, the collection offers an interesting contrast to the meticulously curated pictures that are released by the state media. The images also capture North Koreans in unguarded moments. Through these portraits, we hope to convey the sense that, like us, ordinary North Koreans are often caught up in extraordinary circumstances. Drawn from over thirty trips spanning a decade, we hope that these pictures will provide a bridge to a greater understanding and further inform our ongoing discussions of the DPRK.

Foyer, G/F, Chi Wah Learning Commons, Centennial Campus, HKU
29th Sep to 7th Oct 2016

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