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Open Symposium: Multilingual Hong Kong as seen through the eyes of Japanese
Date: 25 June 2016 
Department of Japanese Studies, School of Modern Languages and Cultures HKU has the pleasure of inviting you to an Open Symposium:

Open Symposium "Multilingual Hong Kong as seen through the eyes of Japanese" will be held on Sat June 25th. Co-organized by the Japanese Language Program of the Department of Japanese Studies and Hong Kong Project Joint Research Team.

June 25, 2016 (13:00 -16:00)
Venue: CPD-3.28, Centennial Campus, HKU

No registration required. All are welcome!

Presentations (delivered in Japanese):

13:00 -13:25 “An analysis of EMI in Hong Kong middle schools using a COLT Observation Scheme”
Yoshiki YOKOYAMA, Hokkaido University of Education

13:25 -13:50 “Biliteracy development of Japanese-English bilinguals growing up in Hong Kong”
Aiko SANO, Hokkaido Bunkyo University

14:00 -14:20 “Theoretical framework for analysis of JFL learners' motivation in Hong Kong”
Yoshiko KOBAYASHI, Hokkaido University

14:20 -14:40 “Sentence-final particles in Cantonese and Japanese”
Maki IIDA, Hokkaido University

14:50 -15:10 “On the use of “Noda” when the speaker talks about an episode”
Satoko IMAIZUMI, Graduate Student at Hokkaido University

15:10 -15:30 “The values created by the experiences of Chinese blended learning with distance exchange”
Satoko SUGIE, Graduate Student at Hokkaido University

15:40 -16:00 “Online language exchange between students in Hong Kong and in Hokkaido”
Yasushi KAWAI, Goh KAWAI, Tomohisa YAMADA, Hokkaido University; Makoto MITSUGI, Hokkaido Bunkyo University
Co-organizers: Hong Kong Project Joint Research Team; Japanese Language Programme, Department of Japanese Studies, SMLC, HKU
This symposium is sponsored in part by Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), "Constructing Plurilingual Communities in East Asia: Implications from Hong Kong."
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