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Lecture: Dissociation and Solidification - Keys to ‚ÄúComplex Interculturality‚ÄĚ?
Venue: Room 1121, K K Leung Building
Date: 26 June 2007 (Tuesday)

The School of Modern Languages and Cultures of the University of Hong Kong is pleased to announce a lecture:


Dr. Fred Dervin
Senior Lecturer in French Studies, University of Turku, Finland

Date: June 26, 2007 (Tuesday)
Time: 2:30 – 3:30 p.m
Venue: Room 1121, K K Leung Building

The background to his presentation is to be found in the current debate on scientific approaches to intercultural communication in language learning and teaching. Basing his argument on the liquid paradigm of the British sociologist Z. Bauman (2000), Dr. Dervin proposes that the concepts of dissociation and solidification can help to analyse the complexity and construction of self and the “other”.  He will present an epistemology of intercultural communication by suggesting ways of introducing tools taken from various fields (pragmatics, conversation analysis, critical discourse analysis) to examine acts of dissociation and solidification. Various linguistic elements in real-life speech taken from intercultural encounters and interaction will provide evidence of dissociation and solidification. His presentation will advocate moving away from a functionalist approach (or easy and safe interculturality) in language learning and teaching.

About the speaker:
Fred Dervin is a Senior Lecturer in French Studies at the University of Turku, Finland. He specializes in the didactics of foreign languages, intercultural communication and education and linguistics ("théories de l’énonciation" and discourse analysis). He is also an external consultant for several European projects on intercultural communication and education. His current research interests are the expression, construction and enactment of identity and "otherness" in discourse and interaction among mobile academics. His most recent publications are two co-editions with Eija Suomela-Salmi, Intercultural Communication and Education. Finnish Perspectives (2006 Peter Lang), Cross-linguistic and Cross-cultural perspectives on Academic Discourse (2006 Humanoria, The University of Turku) as well as Research on Academic Mobility: an overview, list of researchers and bibliography, written with Esmeralda Lopes Rosa (2006 The University of the Algarve, Portugal). Fred Dervin is currently preparing several volumes on Academic Mobility (with Michael Byram, University of Durham, UK, Cambridge Scholars Publishing), a volume on Academic Discourse (with Eija Suomela-Salmi, Benjamins) and on language learning and imagination in French (France).

For enquiry, please contact : Ms. Valérie Martinez (tel: 2859 2022;

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