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Hong Kong As Method (香港作為方法) International Conference
Date: 7-9 December 2014 
The School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Hong Kong As Method(香港作為方法) International Conference

At the start of December, HKU will host an international conference on the topic of "Hong Kong As Method", co-organised by the Comparative Literature Department and Hong Kong Studies, sponsored by  We have invited speakers and paper presenters around the world to join us on this intellectual event.

To open the conference, we will have a session for public seminar, featuring the renowned Mr Chan Koonchung, Prof. Leo Li and chairperson Prof. Fung Anthony Y.H., on the topic of "Hong Kong As Method". The seminar will be conducted in Cantonese. All are welcomed to the seminar on 7th Dec 2014(Sunday) 3-5 pm at Rayson Huang Theatre, the University of Hong Kong. Registration is required (registration link: and an registration in advance is advised . For enquiries, please contact Serruria at

For 8th-9th Dec 2014, we will hold paper presentation sessions at CRT 4.36 and CRT 3.04 respectively. We will cover topics concerning the legal subject, multiple identities, gender/queer politics, filmic imaginaries, modernity, social discourses and alternative citizenships. We will have three keynote speakers, Prof. Meaghan Morris, Prof. Ackbar Abbas and Prof Stephen Chan. The conference will close with a roundtable discussion with Prof. Maybo Ching, Prof. Sebastian Liao, Prof. Kim Tong Tee, Dr. Sebastian Veg with chairperson Prof. Shu-mei Shih. Interested individuals may look at this detailed time table and choose the session(s) to attend accordingly:

Serruria L.
"Hong Kong As Method" Committee
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