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Argentine Movie Days
Date: 11-26 November 2013 

Spanish Section, School of Modern Languages and Cultures HKU cordially invites you to attend the film shows:

Argentine Movie Days

MG07, Main Building, HKU
Talk & Screening 1:

Brief introduction by Mr. Luciano Battaglia (Consul, Consulate General of the Argentine Republic in Hong Kong and Macau): "Argentine Cinema in the 21st Century"
What do Argentines love and what moves them? Although the question is elusive and the answer ever changing, cinema as an art form is an excelent way of understanding the inhabitants of this vast cultural melting pot at the end of the world. Consul Luciano Battaglia will give a brief introduction on the latest developments in his country's film industry, explaining how the movies especially selected for the "Argentina Festival" represent different aspects of the Argentine Identity.
Movie title: The Secret in their Eyes (El Secreto de sus Ojos)
Director: Juan José Campanella
Synopsis:  Benjamín Espósito has spent his entire working life as a criminal court employee. Recently retired, and with time on his hands, he decides to write a novel. He does not decide to make up a story. There is no need to. He can draw on his own past as a civil servant for a true, moving and tragic story in which he was once very directly involved. This way he hopes to find closure for one of his past unresolved homicide cases and for his unreciprocated love with his superior - both of which still haunt him decades later. (The film is PG13)

MB201, Main Building, HKU
Screening 2:

Movie title: Las Acacias
Director: Pablo Giorgelli
Synopsis: Rubén is a lonely truck driver who has been covering for years the motorway from Asunción del Paraguay to Buenos Aires, carrying wood. However, today's journey will be different. This morning, in a motorway stop near Asunción, Jacinta shows up an hour later to begin a journey by truck which is going to take her to Buenos Aires. Rubén finds out at that very moment that 8-month little Anahí will also travel with them. As kilometres go by, the relationship between Rubén and Jacinta will grow. However, none of them talks much about their lives. None asks much either.

MB217, Main Building, HKU

Movie title: The Bottom of the Sea
Director: Damián Szifron
Synopsis: Ezequiel is a handsome but deeply neurotic man in his mid-20s who is studying architecture. He is dating Anna, and one evening, pops by her apartment unannounced to discover a middle-aged man he has never seen before is hiding under her bed. Imagining the worst, Ezequiel obsessively follows the stranger for the rest of the night, eventually setting fire to his car and threatening his life. However, there is a variety of explanations for what has happened, and Ezequiel finds that none of them are quite what he expected. (The film is PG13)

*This event forms part of the "Argentina Festival 2013". For more information on other activities please check the website 
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*All the films are with English subtitle


All are welcome. No registration is needed. For enquiry, please contact Mr. Acosta Corte at

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