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Research Colloquium: National Learning Craze
Date: 20 April 2011 

School of Modern Languages and Cultures Research Colloquium:

National Learning Craze

Miss Selena Dramlic (Modern China Studies)

Date: 20 April 2011 (Wednesday)
Time : 4 pm to 6 pm
Venue : Meng Wah Complex Room 723

This talk explores the so called National Learning Craze (国学热) of the 1990s in the Chinese Mainland as an academic, cultural and popular phenomenon. Whether or not this phenomenon is actually a “craze/fever” remains questioned by some contemporary Chinese academics and scholars. But, I argue that questioning the craze’s actuality does not negate nor undermine the need for examination and research in this field, as national learning discourse is evolving into one of the most prominent cultural movements of the late 20th and early 21st century China. This claim simultaneously constitutes the reason behind my decision to indulge into the research of such a complex and multifaceted contemporary phenomenon. To support the argument above, I commence the presentation with an overview of the research conducted to date (especially identifying the places that shed light on the indispensability of this phenomenon to our understanding of contemporary China). I then move on to discuss the manifestations and reasoning behind contemporary Chinese interest in tradition (relying primarily on Chinese publications, since Western literature on this topic is still scarce), and conclude by presenting the anticipated thesis structure and organization. 

The talk will be conducted in English.

All students taking the research colloquium course must attend. Other staff and students are also welcome.

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