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news and events
Date Title Photo
26 May 2021 Focus on Latin America series: Latin America in the aftermath of Covid-19: What is next?
17 May 2021 Seminar: Wynn Chamberlain’s Brand X and the Wasteland of American Television
30 April 2021 Japan Month: Decorated Sushi Rolls Online Workshop
26 April 2021 Seminar: Deep Listening: The Uncanny Algorithmic Aesthetics of DeepDream and Early Computational Music Composition
14 April 2021 HKU-HKBU Joint Seminar on European Politics: The End of the Merkel Era: Implications for Europe
13 April 2021 Important: SFTL of the second semester of 2020-2021
10-31 March 2021 African Movie Screenings (March)
8-11 March 2021 French AI & Data Week @ HKU
9 March 2021 Seminar: Gender Equality in Finland and the EU: Successes and Challenges
1 March 2021 Seminar: Pranks and Self-Censorship: Duchamp, Dada, and the 'Image Withheld’
29 January 2021 Installation work will be conducted at Run Run Shaw Tower
29 December 2020 Placement Test for Japanese language courses
25 November 2020 Seminar: The Chilean Plebiscite Digested
24 November 2020 Seminar: Unsettling the City: Queer Assemblages in Authoritarian-Era Seoul
18 November 2020 Important: SFTL of the first semester of 2020-2021
28 October 2020 Call for papers: Contemporary Fictions of Migration and Exile: Writing Diaspora in the 21st Century
17 October 2020 Special Topic Lecture: A Linguistics-based Approach to the Acquisition of Japanese Verb Categories
14 October 2020 Presentation: Cultural Sino-Latin American Relations: Between Poetry and Diplomacy
5 October 2020 Seminar: The Everyday in Allende’s Chile: Peter Lilienthal’s La Victoria & Raúl Ruíz’s Palomita Blanca
23 September 2019 Talk: Moi, Mau Mau, and the Problem of Ethnological Reason
18 September 2020 Recruitment: Full-time Clerk II (holding the functional title of Executive Assistant)
18 September 2020 Talk: Africa in Broader Perspective : Interdisciplinary and Interregional Enquiries
16 September 2020 Talk: Jihad from Below: a Social History of Muslim Expansion in West Africa (15th-19th centuries)
16 September 2020 Talk: The Possibilities of Archival Thinking
15 September 2020 Talk: "(Un)thinking Chinese influence and urbanity in Southern Africa"
14 Sep - 14 Oct 2020 Faces and Places from The Arab World Photo Exhibition
19 August 2020 Direct entry Placement Test for Japanese Language Courses
12 August 2020 Panel: How will Latin American countries cope with the global competition and cooperation between China and the United States?
10 August 2020 Recruitment: Teaching Assistant in the Common Core Curriculum (China: Culture, State and Society and Global Issues)
14 July 2020 Recruitment: Project Manager in the Centre for Promotion and Language Learning (CPLL)
4 June 2020 Recruitment: Part-time Language Lecturer in French
3 June 2020 Murakami Fuminobu Memorial Prize in Japanese Studies 2019-20 Call for Submissions
1-2 June 2020 Arts JUPAS Virtual Information Sessions 2020
28 May 2020 Photography competition: Faces and Places from The Arab World
21 May 2020 Photo Exhibition: On the Other Side of the World - Exploring South America
21 May 2020 Summer Course: ARAB1001. ARABIC 1.1
6 May 2020 Recruitment: Lecturer in China Studies and Global Creative Industries in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures
8 April 2020 Recruitment: Advisor of French of Non-degree Programmes in the Division of Modern Languages SMLC
8 April 2020 Recruitment: Advisor of German of Non-degree Programmes in the Division of Modern Languages SMLC
8 April 2020 Recruitment: Advisor of Japanese of Non-degree Programmes in the Division of Modern Languages SMLC
8 April 2020 Recruitment: Advisor of Spanish of Non-degree Programmes in the Division of Modern Languages SMLC
17-28 February 2020 [POSTPONED] Photo Exhibition: On the Other Side of the World - Exploring South America
4 February 2020 [POSTPONED] Arabic Breakfast
22 January 2020 Direct entry Placement Test for Japanese Language Courses
10 January 2020 Lecture: From 'Peaceful Revolution' to German Reunification - How our Memory has changed in the last 30 Years
16 December 2019 Important: SETL for the first semester of 2019-2020
19 November 2019 [Cancellation] Society of Fellows in the Humanities: Post-Toyotist Affect: Japanese Workers Working On Neoliberal Reforms
14 November 2019 Postponement of film screenings 2nd Latin American and Iberian Film Series
14 November 2019 [Cancellation] Lecture: Modern Brazilian theatre – a construction
14 November 2019 [Postponed] Lecture: Family Background, Exam Performance, and Official Careers in the Late Qing, 1850-1912
12 November 2019 [Postponed] 2nd Latin American and Iberian Film Series: LA NOVIA THE BRIDE
12 November 2019 [Postponed] Arabic Oriental Belly Dance Workshop
7 November 2019 Panel Discussion: 1989-2019, The End of Communism in Central and Eastern Europe: A panel discussion on the significance and contemporary relevance of the 1989 revolutions in Europe
7 November 2019 Arabic Programme Booth - Come and have a taste of Arabia
8 November 2019 2020 Young Leaders Tour of Japan
1 November 2019 2nd Latin American and Iberian Film Series: RELATOS SALVAJES WILD TALES
25 October 2019 Swedish film screening A FELIX HERNGREN Film
24 October 2019 Talk: Mutable Inequalities: Meritocracy and the Making of the Chinese Academe, 1912-1952, A Data Analytic Approach
24 October 2019 Talk: 8 keywords to understand today’s Italy
22 October 2019 2nd Latin American and Iberian Film Series: THE EYES OF THE JOURNEY LOS OJOS DEL CAMINO
17 October 2019 Keynote Lecture: Jews as Books and Books as Jews: On History, Memory, People and Objects
3 October 2019 Talk: Building a Comprehensive Database for Social Science and Evidence-based Policy Research: Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen
2 Oct - 21 Nov 2019 2nd Latin American and Iberian Film Series (HKU, PolyU, CUHK)
2 October 2019 2nd Latin American and Iberian Film Series (Hong Kong)
27 September 2019 Rigoletto from the pit: Up close and personal with Maestro Paolo Olmi
23 September 2019 Memory at the Margins - Photo Exhibition Opening
21 September 2019 Workshop: Voices of Hong Kong - The New Sensitive 香港的聲音 – 新敏感詞
15 August 2019 Direct entry Placement Test for Japanese Language Courses
12 August 2019 Advertisement: Advisor of Japanese for Secondary School Programme in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures
12 August 2019 Advertisement: Advisor of German for Secondary School Programme in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures
12 August 2019 Advertisement: Advisor of French for Secondary School Programme in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures
12 August 2019 Advertisement: Advisor of Spanish for Secondary School Programme in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures
18 July 2019 Advertisement: Assistant IT Officer (at the rank of IT Technician) in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures
18 July 2019 IMPORTANT: Students who have to complete online SETL questionnaires
2 July 2019 Talk: A Casual Conversation with a Zen Master on Life Love Success Happiness and Meaning
14 June 2019 日本語学習者の不自然な表現は何が原因なのか―パーソナル・テリトリーに関する認識と表現形式の観点から What Makes Japanese Improper Expression? an Analysis from the Perspectives of “Personal Territory”
6 June 2019 Book Launch & Reception: Kurosawa's Rashomon: A Vanished City, a Lost Brother, and the Voice Inside His Iconic Films
3 June 2019 Murakami Fuminobu Memorial Prize in Japanese Studies 2018-19 Call for Submissions
30 May 2019 International Forum: Cultural Power, Business and Creative Industries in East Asia
24 May 2019 Advertisement: Assistant Lecturer in Russian in the School of Modern Languages and cultures
24 May 2019 Advertisement: Lecturer in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures
24 May 2019 Symposium: Thinking Space in Hong Kong: Limits, Horizons, Imaginaries
22 May 2019 Talk: May Fourth as a Constitutional Moment
7 May 2019 Talk: Watching Don Giovanni in the #MeToo Era: Tracing Mozart's famous opera from its Spanish roots up through today
7 May 2019 Talk: Neoliberalism and its Discontents: Three Decades of Chilean Women’s Poetry (1980-2010); 1980s Focus.
6 May 2019 Talk: ‘Era mejor cuando éramos ilegales – it was better when we were illegals’ Indigenous people, the State and ‘public interest’ indigenous radio stations in Colombia
30 April 2019 Talk: ‘The Weapon of Words’: Language Training, the United States in the World, and the World in the United States, 1941-1970
29 April 2019 Talk: Art and Uncivil Obedience: Radical Rule-Following as Creative Practice
26 April 2019 REMINDER: IMPORTANT: Students who have to complete online SETL questionnaires
26 April 2019 SMLC Seminar: Digital Nationalism and Sino-Japanese Relations: Selling Sovereignty in Digital China
26 April 2019 Talk: "We speak the language the guest wants" Language attitudes and language use in touristic encounters in Austria
25 April 2019 Talk: Learning Swedish in Finland: first language, second language, foreign language
24 April 2019 Talk: Time and Tourism in (Post)Colonial Taipei
18 April 2019 Film screening: BEING LEONARDO DA VINCI an impossible interview
17 April 2019 SMLC Seminar: Japan’s apologies: Can they find the “right” words?
17 April 2019 Talk: The Learning and Teaching of Arabic in a Changing World
16 April 2019 IMPORTANT: Students who have to complete online SETL questionnaires
16 April 2019 Talk: You have to name it to reclaim it
15 April 2019 Seminar: The Brexit Iceberg
10 April 2019 Book Launch: Going Backward and Forward at the Same Time: Ethnic Chrysalis and Making History Useful for Contemporary Ethnic Communities in Northeast China
10 April 2019 Talk: What is Persona Studies? Its value for the study of online culture and the transformation of our contemporary world(s)
8-26 April 2019 Japan Month 2019
3 April 2019 SMLC Seminar: The partition of the world: the Berlin conferences, 1878-1884 and the origins of global disorder
1 April 2019 SMLC Seminar: Russia-West Relations: Is the Confrontation Reversible?
27 March 2019 SMLC Seminar: The Artificial Birth of Modern Japanese Literature Out of the Spirit of Technology
22 March 2019 Talk: New Cantonese-Italian dictionary
20 March 2019 SMLC Seminar: The fight against money laundering, terrorist financing, and organised crime in Europe
18 & 27 March 2019 Film Screening: Comic + Film in Spain: Intimate Accounts of Autism and Alzheimer's
15 March 2019 Talk: Timothy Garton Ash: BREXIT! Britain's Place in the Wider Crisis of Europe
13 March 2019 SMLC Seminar: Troubling Memorials: Disgraced Monuments and Problematic Public Art in America
12 March 2019 19th Francophonie Festival -Press Conference & Distinguished Lecture
8 March 2019 Film Screening: Mother Knows Best (Portugal)
27 February 2019 Book Launch: Found in Transition: Hong Kong Studies in the Age of China
20 February 2019 Book Launch: The Question of Class in Contemporary Latin American Cinema
13 February 2019 Spots of Light: Women in the Holocaust
31 January 2019 European studies film screening: Cabeza de Vaca
14 January 2019 Advertisement: tenure-track Associate Professor/Assistant Professor in American Studies
21 December 2018 Advertisement: Teaching Assistant in the Common Core Curriculum (Global Issues) SMLC
21 December 2018 Direct entry Placement Test for Japanese Language Courses
13-14 December 2018 Hong Kong Studies Annual Conference 2017/2018
5 December 2018 Open Lecture: Is the North Korean Economy Improving under Kim Jeong Un’s Regime?
21 November 2018 Film Screening and discussion: Vibrancy of Silence
21 November 2018 SMLC Seminar: A Life Less Ordinary
19 November 2018 Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning (SETL) First Semester 2018-19
19 & 21 November 2018 Film screenings: 'Goodbye Lenin' & 'The Lives of Others'
17 November 2018 Talk: How to utilize the open online course “Japanese Pronunciation for Communication”
15 November 2018 Talk: The Changing Media Landscape in a Post-Truth World
14 November 2018 SMLC Seminar: Reading the Campus Novel (from a Distance)
13 November 2018 Italian Club at HKU
7 November 2018 SMLC Seminar: Japanese Literature Workshop
25 October 2018 Advertisement: Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in Japanese Studies in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures
24 October 2018 SMLC Seminar: Trust in the EU in Challenging Times
24 October 2018 Lecture: 香港故事: 梁醒波. Mr Leung Sing Por's Hong Kong heritage in his Canto-opera works
23 October 2018 Talk: Hispano-Filipino Literature in a Global Context
22 October 2018 SMLC Seminar: The Lost Boys: Kidnapping and Slavery on America’s Reverse Underground Railroad
5 September 2018 Direct entry Placement Test for Japanese Language Courses
1-31 August 2018 Photo Exhibition: Places In My Heart: A Photographic Journey
26 July 2018 Advertisement: IT Officer/Technical Officer in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures
12 June 2018 Advertisement: part-time Lecturer in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures (Korean)
12 June 2018 Advertisement: part-time Lecturer in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures (French)
15 June 2018 Murakami Fuminobu Memorial Prize in Japanese Studies 2017-2018 Call for Submissions
13 June 2018 Hong Kong Keywords Workshop 2018
8 June 2018 Advertisement: Assistant Lecturer in Japanese Studies in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures
3 June 2018 Workshop for Effective ICT Classroom Activities in Japanese Teaching and Learning 日本語授業のための効果的なICTの取り入れ方
1 June 2018 Advertisement: Assistant Lecturer in French in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures
18 May 2018 Symposium: Thinking Sound in Hong Kong: Practices and Prospects
4 May 2018 Talk: Brexit - what will it mean for the European Economies
4 May 2018 Reminder – Online SETL questionnaires
27 April 2018 Talk: Italian discourse particles in a cross-linguistic perspective
3-27 April 2018 Japan Month at HKU 2018
24 April 2018 Talk: Construction Identitaire et Competence Plurilingue
23 April 2018 Talk: Pour Une Phonetique Contextualisee
19 April 2018 Film screening: Dolores
18 April 2018 SMLC seminar: Variant Accounts and the Nature of Early Japanese Mythology
17 April 2018 Talk: Debt Diplomacy and World Peace: The Mongols and the Political in China's Quest for a Global Superpower Status
13 April 2017 Workshop on Korean Studies: Transpacific Aspiration toward Modern Domesticity in Japanese Colonial-era Korea
11 April 2018 SMLC seminar: From Internment to Occupation: A Japanese American Observer’s Transpacific Sociological Practices
11 April 2018 Talk: SAINT-ANTOINE: RENCONTRE-DISCUSSION: avec Véronique Cnockaert Université du Québec à Montréal
9 April 2018 Film screening: Los que se quedan (Those Who Remain)
4 April 2018 SMLC Seminar: Local Causes and Global Consequences: the 1528 Hispanic-Genoese Alliance, from the Mediterranean to the Pacific
3 April 2018 Film screening: Mei Fung
28 March 2018 Advertisement: Assistant Lecturer in Italian in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures
28 March 2018 Advertisement: Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in French in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures
28 March 2018 Open Class: China Studies at Berkeley in 2000s: A Dialogue with Dr. Dong Tiezhu 董鐵柱
27 March 2018 SMLC Seminar: Miao in China and Hmong in the US: History and Homelands
23 March 2018 International Conference on German as a Foreign Language through Cross-cultural Perspectives - Opportunities and Challenges in Germany, Hong Kong and Mainland China
21 March 2018 Film screening: An Autumn without Berlin (Un otoño sin Berlín)
21 March 2018 Open Class: French Sinology and China Studies in France: A Dialogue with Professor Angela Ki-che Leung 梁其姿
14 March 2018 SMLC Seminar: Deluge and Reconstruction: Modernist Developmentalism in the Huai River Basin, 1927-37
2 March 2018 《亂世破讀》散文攝影集分享會 Book Talk on Against The Grain
28 February 2018 Open Class: China Studies at Stanford in 1970s: A Dialogue with Prof. Helen Siu 蕭鳳霞
28 February 2018 SMLC Seminar: Home Out of Place. Writing, reading, translating and teaching as forms of exile
8 February 2018 Briefing: China Studies Field Trip: Harbin and Heihe, Heilongjiang Province 黑龍江省哈爾濱市及黑河市學術考察之旅
7 Feb - 9 Apr 2018 Crossing borders film series: The many faces of the struggle for a better life in the Iberian American world
7 February 2018 Open Class: China Studies at Harvard in 1950s: A Dialogue with Prof. Paul Cohen 柯文
7 February 2018 Crossing borders film series: The Second Mother (Que horas ela volta?)
24 January 2018 SMLC Seminar: Book Launch - Repentance for the Holocaust: Lessons from Jewish Thought for Confronting the German Past
18 January 2018 SMLC Seminar: Chinese relations with Central and Eastern Europe: The New Diplomatic Frontier
18 January 2018 Direct entry Placement Test for Japanese Language Courses
4 December 2017 REMINDER & IMPORTANT: Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning (SETL)
4-6 December 2017 International Conference on Re-Thinking China’s North ”再談中國北方”國際學術研討會
20 November 2017 Advertisement: Temporary full-time Research Assistant II, School of Modern Languages and Cultures
20 November 2017 Swedish Rainbow Short Films at HKU
15 November 2017 SMLC Seminar: Brexit: where are we?
14 November 2017 Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning (SETL)
10 November 2017 Loy Krathong - Thai Lantern Festival
10 November 2017 素娜.祖巴特 示範講座 Sona Jobarteh Lecture Demonstration
8 November 2017 Film Screening: Jauja
1 November 2017 Seminar: Africans in Asia 1500-1900
1-2 November 2017 HKU Korean film screening nights
24 October 2017 Advertisement: Executive Assistant (at the rank of Clerk II) in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures
24 October 2017 Seminar: 香港週與菠蘿陣—五十年前的一闋插曲 The “Hong Kong Week” and the Bombs Parade: A Small Episode in the Year 1967
16-18 October 2017 Lecture & Workshop: The Fourth Policeman: Reconsidering FDR’s Vision for China’s Postwar Role
12 September 2017 Seminar: The Sacred Fonts of the American Mission Press: Printing Mongolian in Canton between the Opium Wars
11-18 September 2017 Exhibition & Talk: The Auschwitz Album and its Historical Significance
8 September 2017 Introduction to the new Major in Italian
14 August 2017 Direct entry Placement Test for Japanese Language Courses
24 June 2017 Hong Kong Keywords Workshop 2017 香港關鍵詞工作坊
9 June 2017 Advertisement: Part-time Lecturer in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures (German)
25 May 2017 Seminar: National Sovereignty in times of crisis: Borderless Europe and its Discontents, and 'One Country Two Systems in China'
24 May 2017 Talk: Constellating Hong Kong Literature: Dung Kai-cheung’s Atlas in A World Literary Dialogism
23 May 2017 Talk: The Cultural Revolution in Hong Kong: The Cultural Revolution Discourse in Hong Kong Leftist Newspaper Wen Wei Po (「文革在香港」: 香港《文匯報》中的「文革」話語)
22 may 2017 The Poetics of "Vibrant Objects": An Analysis of Natalia Chan's The Flying Coffin (飛天棺材 2007)
22-23 May 2017 Fulbright Conferences: Imagining Asia in the Era of Trump
12 May 2017 Documentary film + Round Table discussion: Ousmane Sow
26 April 2017 Talk: Applied Linguistics and Second Language Learning: current situation, emerging lines of research and future challenges
26 April 2017 Talk: A Korean-language Student from the Kumamoto Prefecture, 1895-1922: The Progress of Nakamura Kentarō, Protectorate Censor of Korean Newspapers
19 April 2017 Talk: Some Reflections on Human Communities and their Boundaries
6 April 2017 Rising Above Lecture Series: “A Dam Against the Spring Tide of Memories”: Collecting/Collective Identity and the African American Past
6 April 2017 Korean Studies Lecture Series: Medicine as Moral Practice in Chosŏn Korea
3-28 April 2017 日本之月 Japan Month 2017
31 March 2017 Local Music and Cultural Politics in Hong Kong 香港本土音樂與文化政治
29 March 2017 SMLC Seminar: The Un-dead History of Residual Hauntings: Transgressive Identities in Alvin Lu's The Hell Screens
23 March 2017 HK Studies Talk: 端Talk - 本土? 國際? 世界公民在香港
23 March 2017 Rising Above Lecture Series: Afro-Asian crossings: Langston Hughes and WEB Du Bois in China
20-28 March 2017 Swedish Film Week
17 March 2017 Rising Above Lecture Series: “Set Adrift: Lois Mailou Jones and the Fluidity of Blackness”
15 March 2017 SMLC Seminar: Drawing Close to the Heart: Post-disaster Mental Health Care and Grassroots Therapy in Japan
13-17 March 2017 HKU Francophone Film Festival 2017
13 March 2017 Talk on North Korea's Modernization and China-DPRK Relations
2 March 2017 Film Screening and Q&A session with Creator Patrick Sammon: CODEBREAKER
23 February 2017 Rising Above Lecture Series: “Damn that Jim Crow”: Blues Songs Confront American Apartheid
23 February 2017 Talk: Global Historical Research in the United States and Germany. Comparative Perspectives
22 February 2017 SMLC Seminar: Divided Church, Reunified Nation: Christian Leadership in Discussing Reunification in South Korea
16 February 2017 Rising Above Lecture Series: The Promise and Imperialism of Free Trade: China and the “Long Arm of Commerce” in Frederick Douglass’s Life and Times (1882)
15 February 2017 Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Tokyo: Summer Internship Programme 2017 (Korean Speaking)
13 February 2017 Talk: A Bag(gag) of Identities: How ‘Red-WhiteBlue’ Travels from Hong Kong to Louis Vuitton
9 February 2017 Rising Above Lecture Series: Quantum Aesthetics: The Color of Light in Beauford Delaney’s “Untitled”
8 February 2017 SMLC Seminar: Desire, History, Work, Death: an approach to Alexandre Kojève’s reading of Hegel
6 February 2017 Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Tokyo: Summer Internship Programme 2017 (Korean Speaking)
26 January 2017 Rising Above Lecture Series: No Man Can Be Prevented From Visiting His Wife: Henry Butler and Enslaved Manliness in Family and Intimacy
26 Jan - 6 Apr 2017 Rising Above African American History and Culture Lecture Series
25 January 2017 SMLC Seminar: “The Slippery are Very Crafty”: The Politics of Translation in David Henry Hwang’s Chinglish
17 January 2017 Talk: Micha Gelber: A Dutch Survival Story of the Holocaust
27 December 2016 Direct entry Placement Test for Japanese Language Courses
4 December 2016 浪人劇場《雕刻城市》-「劇場與文學的結合」分享會 Theatre Ronin – ‘Sculpting the CITY’‘When Theatre and Literature Integrate’ Sharing Session
30 November 2016 Seminar: One Belt One Road and a Prosperous Africa (OBORPA)
28 November 2016 Reminder: Online SETL of the first semester of 2016-2017
25 November 2016 Film Screening and Discussion with Director Slawomir Grunberg
23 November 2016 SMLC Seminar: The Crisis of Leadership in the EU
18 November 2016 Loy Krathong - Thai Lantern Festival
17 November 2016 HK Studies Forum「香港音樂的本土味道」
16 November 2016 Seminar: Making Space for Engineering Education: the South China Institute of Engineering
14 November 2016 Talk: Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist – Writing a Novel on Protest and Globalization
9 November 2016 SMLC Seminar: Anecdotes of the Sublime
7-14 November 2016 Argentine Movie Days at HKU
3 November 2016 SMLC Seminar: The Chosen Path of the Idea(lisms) of the 60s: Anti-domination, Limitless Freedom and the Politics and Ethics of the Impossible
3 November 2016 Talk: South Korea's Democratic Transition: A Social Movement Perspective
2-3 November 2016 HKU Korean film screening nights
19 October 2016 Launch of the "Professors from Afar" section on the HKU website
18 October 2016 Arabic Learning Workshop
12 October 2016 SMLC seminar: A Cross-Cultural and Evolutionary Examination of Prepubescent Children’s Hormone Responses to Physical and Non-Physical Forms of Competition
11 October 2016 HK Studies Forum: 《江湖‧文學‧現實‧香港》 陳冠中x馬家輝
5 October 2016 SMLC seminar: When Not In Rome: The Legend of the Citizen-Soldier in the Early Modern Atlantic World
5 October 2016 Talk: Auguste Borget in China
29 Sep - 7 Oct 2016 Photo Exhibition: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: Glimpses and Insights
27 September 2016 Public Lecture: A Closer Look at Ethiopia: Visit of HKU Students
26 September 2016 US Presidential Debate 2016 in Hong Kong
21 September 2016 SMLC seminar: Nineteenth-Century Canton Trade and its Relevance to Hong Kong Studies
21 Sept - 23 Nov 2016 SMLC Seminar Series
19 September 2016 Public film-screening and talk: Sugihara Conspiracy of Kindness
12-28 September 2016 Mandela Exhibition
2 September 2016 Talk: How to be “The Most Lustful Man Ever” and Be Guilt-free: Some Thoughts on the caizi Baoyu, and Book Launch
29 August 2016 Talk: New Models for Monograph Publishing
24 August 2016 Direct entry Placement Test for Japanese Language Courses (7 September 2016)
18 August 2016 Talk: Canton’s India Connections - A Dialogue with Amitav Ghosh
16 August 2016 Advertisement: Part-time Lecturer in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures (German)
27 July 2016 Advertisement: Teaching Assistant in the Common Core Curriculum (Global Issues), School of Modern Languages and Cultures
25 July 2016 Educational Fieldtrip to Ethiopia 2016
25 June 2016 Open Symposium: Multilingual Hong Kong as seen through the eyes of Japanese
23-25 June 2016 Conference: World Studies: Approaches, Paradigms, and Debates
7-8 June 2016 Workshop: Hong Kong Keywords: A Vocabulary of Hong Kong Theory
6 June 2016 Lecture: Critical Dialogues about China: A Special Trialogue: Hong Kong in China Studies
1 June 2016 Lecture: Critical Dialogues about China: China in the World
25 May 2016 Murakami Fuminobu Memorial Prize in Japanese Studies
21-22 May 2016 Fulbright Conference: Imperial Benevolence: U.S. Foreign Policy in American Popular Culture Since 9/11
20 May 2016 Lecture: Critical Dialogues about China: Ethnic Studies in China
19 May 2016 seminar: Brokering China’s extroversion: Intermediaries in the Sino-African transborder trade
4 May 2016 Advertisement: Temporary Assistant Professor in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures (Japanese Studies)
29 April 2016 Lecture: Critical Dialogues about China: War Memories in China Studies
28 April 2016 Forum Theme: 2047 New Voices in Politics
25 April 2016 Talk: Approaches to women's or gender history: A Dialogue between Elaine Crane and Mary Beth Norton
21 April 2016 Workshop and Film-screening: China in foreign eyes
20 April 2016 Seminar: Art in Southeast Asia: Curatorial and Archival Projects
13 April 2016 Seminar: An Orgy of Cheerful Giving: American Humanitarian Aid to Disaster-stricken Japan
13 April 2016 Talk: Floating Mountain: A comparative approach for the understanding of an oyster farming community in Hong Kong
7 April 2016 Advertisement: Part-time Lecturer in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures (Korean Studies)
5-29 April 2016 Japan Month at HKU 2016
5 April 2016 Talk: Europe, Germany and the Refugee Crisis
31 Mar - 16 Apr 2016 Panorama of Contemporary Cinema from Latin America and Spain at The University of Hong Kong
31 March 2016 Talk: Chinese Suffragette: Tang Qunying (1871-1937) and a ‘Woman’s Republic
23 March 2016 Seminar: Sexual Abuse of Black Men Under American Slavery
22 March 2016 Film Screening & Panel Discussion: Finding Samuel Lowe - From Harlem to China
21 March 2016 Movie Screening: Timbuktu
21 March 2016 Lecture: Critical Dialogues about China: Digital Humanities in China Studies
18 March, 2016 Japanese Studies internship
17 March 2016 Talk: Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Adam Johnson reads from his short story collection Fortune Smiles (2015)
17 March 2016 Talk: Micro & SME Financing in Africa and in China: A French Approach
17 March 2016 Seminar: Yasukuni Shrine and mourning the war dead in Japan
14-24 March 2016 HKU Francophone Film Festival 2016
14 March 2016 Talk: Transforming the Industrial Sector in Ethiopia: A path to sustainable Development
10 March 2016 Lecture: Critical Dialogues about China: Digital Humanities in China Studies
7 March 2016 Italian Summer Courses at the University for Foreigners in Perugia
2 March 2016 Seminar: Empire, Rebellion, and the Politics of Surf Tourism
29 February 2016 Presentation: Study in Spain
24 February 2016 Seminar: Maids, Mistresses, and Wives: Rethinking Kinship and the Domestic Sphere in Twenty-First Century Global Hong Kong
17 February 2016 Seminar: Language Ideology and Literature in Imperial Japan and Beyond
29 January 2016 Conference: Bridging Korea Old and New: Re-Periodizing the History of Korea for a Global Age
25 January 2016 Panel discussion: The Rainbow Workplace, on the path to more women leading change
22 January 2016 Seminar: Migration and the Great Divergence: The Euro-Atlantic world and East/South Asia, 1800-1930
18 January 2016 Workshop: A Re-examination of the Records by the Iwakura Mission in Meiji Japan
31 December 2015 Direct entry Placement Test for Japanese Language Courses
29 December 2015 Advertisement: Half-time Teaching Assistant SMLC (closing: 6 January 2016)
2-10 December 2015 A Photo Exhibition: Everyday Life in North Korea
1 December 2015 Urgent: SETL 2015-2016 (First semester)
26 November 2015 Movie Screening: China Remix
26 November 2015 Forum: From Culture to Business: A Crossover
24 November 2015 Talk: Coming to Terms with the Holocaust: Restitution, Responsibility, and Justice
23 November 2015 Visual Poetry Reading and Talk: MothSutra (& matters of migration, love, and identity)
20 November 2015 Loy Krathong Night - Thai Lantern Festival
20 November 2015 Talk: Israel and Germany: From Enmity to Friendship
20 November 2015 Talk: Biotech in Hong Kong: How Biologist-Entrepreneurs Pursued ‘Hong Kong’s Bioscience Dream
19 November 2015 Talk: Making religion, making local society: private life of a Chinese Catholic village
18 November 2015 Seminar: The “National Question” and the Stories of Hong Kong
11 November 2015 Advertisement: Part-time Lecturer in Korean Studies SMLC (closing: 30 December 2015)
10-20 November 2015 Argentine Movie Days
30 October 2015 Talk: Africa’s Premier Diva Angelique Kidjo @ HKU
29 October 2015 Electoral Dysfunction: Documentary Screening and Discussion With Filmmaker Bennett Singer
28 October 2015 Seminar: Tea Politics and Propaganda in the American Revolution, 1773-1776
23 October 2015 A Warm Family: Conversation with a poet Kim Hu-ran
20 October 2015 Poetry Reading: The Nanjing Massacre with Wing Tek Lum
8 October 2015 Seminar: Reflections on the Historical Study of Asians in the United States
7 October 2015 Seminar: Reconsidering Japan's Decision to Surrender, 1945
5 October 2015 Talk: Postgraduate Studies in Germany
24 September 2015 Seminar: Global Talent: Foreign Students in Korea as Transnational Bridges
9 September 2015 Book Launch and New Talk: From Mark Twain to Langston Hughes in China
20 August 2015 Direct entry Placement Test for Japanese Language Courses
7 August 2015 Workshop on Nation, Gender, and Genres: Literature and Film from Taiwan and Korea, 1930s~1960s
August 5, 2015 Advertisement: Part-Time Lecturers for Korean studies Programme (applications to be reviewed from August 25, 2015 until the post is filled)
28 July 2015 Advertisement: Teaching Assistant in the Common Core Curriculum (Global Issues) (closing: 15 August 2015)
13 July 2015 Lecture: Hong Kong 1957: Colonial Re-set in the New Territories
1 June 2015 Workshop: When Did They Decide? Understanding and Teaching the Development of the Final Solution
30-31 May 2015 Fulbright Conferences: East Goes West - Chinese Filmmakers in the United States
9 May 2015 Seminar: Fashionable Tigers
4 May 2015 Murakami Fuminobu Memorial Prize in Japanese Studies
30 April 2015 Student Performances: By the Department of Japanese Studies
28 April 2015 Seminar: The Role of Environment in Language Learning: Swedish inside and outside of Sweden
28 April 2015 Japan Jazz Live: Anime, drama, J-Pop theme songs by HKU Big Band
27 April 2015 Japanese Cultural Festival: Featuring Yosakoi Sooran Bushi dance and kendo sparring
24 April 2015 Seminar: Teaching and Learning Arabic in the 21st century: Shifting paradigms
24 April 2015 Seminar: (Re) Creating Creative Industries in Hong Kong
23 April 2015 The Austrian Short Film Series 2015
23 April 2015 Korean Studies Lecture Series: Theorizing Colonial Cinematic Networks in East Asia
23 April 2015 EU+ Series Mini-Conference & Roundtable Discussion: Greece, Germany and the European Union - between Anxieties and Anger
23 April 2015 Talk: Protest Culture in Postcolonial South Korea: The Student Vanguard
22 April 2015 Seminar: Subcultures in Flow, Visual Solidarity and Trauma in East Asia
22 April 2015 Seminar: Intimate Empire
21 April 2015 Talk: The Birth of the Yangban in Medieval Korea
20 April 2015 Talk: Christian Extraterritoriality: Recasting Missionaries, Converts, and the State in Korea, 1907-1931
24 Mar-30 Apr 2015 Japan Month @ HKU 2015
18 April 2015 Conference: From Culture to Business and Vice Versa
8 April 2015 Italian Summer Courses at the University for Foreigners in Perugia (Deadline 15 April 2015)
8 April 2015 Sacred Ground - Film Screening and Discussion
31 March 2015 Africa @HKU - Ethiopia Today
28 March 2015 Seminar: Kung Fu & Hong Kong Culture
24 Mar- 30 Apr 2015 Exhibition: Hong Kong – Japan Connections: In the Air and On Campus
24 March 2015 Seminar: We are what we eat? Cantonese cuisine in Hong Kong.
23-27 March 2015 HKU French Film Week
20 March 2015 Seminar: Minding the Gaps between Politicians' Promises, Governments' Policies and Citizens' Perceptions
17-31 March 2015 Hispanic Month 2015
4 March 2015 Seminar: Will China Ever Have Its Own Barack Obama? Some Reflections on the African and Arab Diaspora in Guangzhou
27 February 2015 Talk: Ancient Texts and New Cures: Transformations of Medical Knowledge in Tokugawa Japan
26 February 2015 Talk: A Disharmony of Blood: 'Mixed-Race' Children and the Production of Purity in Postwar Japan
11 February 2015 Seminar: Passions and Interests: The Euro Crisis as a Clash of Cultures
9 February 2015 Film Screening: Cabeza de Vaca
2 Feb - 2 Mar 2015 Passing on the Tradition with Creativity: Family Heritage and Creativity Forum Series
29 January 2015 Guest lecture by Rick Carrier
28 January 2015 Talking Genocides (Special roundtable discussion)
18 December 2014 Talk: African Studies in the United States of America: Structure, Governance, and Funding Opportunities
7-9 December 2014 Hong Kong As Method (香港作為方法) International Conference
27 November 2014 El Greco movie screening
27 November 2014 Talk: Coalition Building in the Early Gay Liberation Movement: The Hong Kong Connection Before & After the First Lesbian & Gay March on Washington in 1979
26 November 2014 Seminar: Non-Aligned Architecture: China's Designs on/in Ghana and Guinea, 1955-1992.
22-23 November 2014 3rd International (Non) Western Fashion Conference: The Global Politics of Fashion
21 November 2014 Loy Krathong Night 2014
11-18 November 2014 Argentine Movie Days
10-13 November 2014 Swedish Film Week @ HKU
10 November 2014 Seminar: Sex and the Founding Fathers: The American Quest for a Relatable Past
7 November 2014 Advertisement: Part-Time Lecturers for Korean Studies Programme (closing: 5 December 2014)
29 October 2014 Talk: Chinese Translocal Migration to Peru, 1849-1890
28 October 2014 The Austrian Short Film Series 2014
28 Oct - 6 Nov 2014 Africa @HKU – Angola Today
23-24 October 2014 Conference: After the Leviathan? About the Creation of Global lines of politics and polity in and after the Age of Extremes
10 October 2014 趁香港還有我們 - 周耀輝博士 While Hong Kong Still Has Us
8 October 2014 Talk: South Korea's Elusive Middlepowermanship in the US-South Korea-China Strategic Triangle
29 September 2014 Spanish videoartist Alex Pachon. Videoart, visual effects, music and contemporary dance. Sharing session about his work and influences
17 September 2014 Seminar: Rethinking the Rise of Confucianism in Medieval Korea
25 August 2014 Direct entry Placement Test for Japanese Language Courses
21 August 2014 Advertisement: Assistant Lecturer in Korean Studies (Closing: 26 September 2014)
12 August 2014 HKU-University of Tokyo Joint Summer Program - Student Presentation Session
4 August 2014 Advertisement: Teaching Assistant in European Studies (closing: 15 August 2014)
10 July 2014 Advertisement: Post-doctoral Fellow in China Studies (closing: 25 July 2014)
9 July 2014 SMLC Newsletter 2014
13 June 2014 Advertisement: Part-Time Lecturers for German Programme (closing: 10 July 2014)
7 June 2014 Talk: Jornada de Formación en Hong Kong (Teacher-Traning Workshops)
6 June 2014 Talk: Harnessing The Human Frontier: The Orochen And Qing Borderland Administration
5 June 2014 Talk: Cultural Paranoia and Purgation of Chinese Ghost Stories
4 June 2014 Talk: Public Health and Private Charity in China: Lessons from the Early Twentieth Century
13 May 2014 Talk: Semantische Textvernetzung und Leseverstehen (Semantic text network and reading comprehension)
25 April 2014 Talk: Teito Tokyo: Imagining the Imperial Capital
24 April 2014 Talk: Ethical Negotiations of Human Feeling and the Production of Literature in Nineteenth Century Japan
23 April 2014 Talk: El español de América y el conflicto de la norma
22 April 2014 Talk: Between Hong Kong and Japan: The Violence of Disappearance in Ye Si and Tomatsu Shomei
17 April 2014 Talk: Earthquake Children: Building Resilience from the Ruins of Tokyo
16 April 2014 Seminar: Holocaust Literature and the Taboo
15 April 2014 Screening and Round Table Discussion: Holocaust Impiety: Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds
12 April 2014 Symposium Intercomprehension and Multilinguism: Contextualizing Intercomprehension Strategies in Hong Kong Foreign Language Classes
10 April 2014 我所愛的香港 - 林夕 The Hong Kong I Love
7 Apr - 2 May 2014 Japan Month 2014
1-11 April 2014 The World, Europe and Hong Kong in the Age of Extremes
1 & 8 April 2014 Visual Feast Film Series
28 March 2014 Italian Summer Courses at the University for Foreigners in Perugia
26 March 2014 Seminar: Chinese American Women: Photography, Memoir and History
21 March 2014 Talk: Disease, Medicine and Colonialism in Africa: Robert Koch's 1898 Medical Expedition in German East Africa
20 March 2014 Seminar: Hailing the Subject: Visual and Narrative Progression in Nananan’s Blue
14-15 March 2014 Annual Meeting of Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong
5-28 March 2014 Hispanic Month 2014
5 March 2014 Seminar: Lost (and Found) in Transition: Hong Kong Culture Reconfigured in the Age of China
12 February 2014 Seminar: Behind the Suez Canal: Colonial Geopolitics and Anglo-French Rivalry, 1859-1869
10-14 February 2014 Global Creative Industries Presents: Movie Week 2014
29 January 2014 Meeting with German Olympic medalist Marcel Nguyen 德國奧運體操名將阮馬素
20 January 2004 Direct entry Placement Test for Japanese Language Courses
3 December 2013 Round-table Discussion & Exhibition: We want to be free!
28-29 November 2013 EUAP Annual Conference 2013
27 November 2013 Seminar: Mark Twain in China
15-17 November 2013 The 10th Anniversary of the American Studies Network (USCET-ASN) in China
13 November 2013 Talk: A Postmortem of the Canton System
11-26 November 2013 Argentine Movie Days
8 November 2013 Call for Paper - Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong (ASAHK) Conference
4 November 2013 Talk: Mythical Muses of the Land of Ice
2-3 November 2013 The 9th International Symposium on Oral Proficiency Interview
30 October 2013 Seminar: Looking for a Modern Hercules: The Strongman Figure in American and Global Culture
28 October 2013 Talk: U.S. Diplomacy in China and the Asia-Pacific
23 October 2013 Seminar: Everyday Lives and Economic Conditions in the DPRK
22 Oct - 13 Nov 2013 Arabic Learning Workshop
22 October 2013 Talk: Learn about the new trend in Hollywood: TransMedia, the future of entertainment and media
13 October 2013 Workshop on Curriculum Design and Development for Japanese Language Education
11 October 2013 Creative Management in Luxury Industry Programme 2013-2014
9 October 2013 Briefing Session: Creative Management in Luxury Industry Programme
9 October 2013 Talk: Tocqueville on religion in democracies: natural or supernatural?
4 October 2013 Talk: Pursue Your Entrepreneurial Ambitions
3-7 October 2013 Peruvian Movie Days
3 October 2013 Making Films My Way: In Conversation with Director Kang Je-gyu
5 September 2013 Direct entry Placement Test for Japanese Language Courses
2 August 2013 Advertisement: Part-time Language Lecturer in French (closing: 31 August 2013)
2 August 2013 Advertisement: Teaching Assistant (closing: 18 August 2013)
17 July 2013 Advertisement: Laboratory Assistant (Closing: 9 August 2013)
27 June 2013 Talk: Chinese Textbooks (1902-1937) - Telling Stories and Socializing Elites
15 June 2013 Workshop on The Underground Economy in East Asia: Impact on Human and Health Security
14 June 2013 Advertisement: Assistant Lecturer in Korean Studies (Closing: 23 June 2013)
1-3 June 2013 Fulbright Conferences: New Perspectives on Transnational Chinese Culture and History
24 May 2013 Advertisement: Assistant Lecturer in Spanish (Closing: 7 June 2013)
8 May 2013 Murakami Fuminobu Memorial Prize in Japanese Studies (deadline: 3 June 2013)
7 May 2013 SMLC6002 Research Postgraduate Presentation Day
30 April 2013 Lecture: Spoken Italian - a sociolinguistic and linguistic profile
24 April 2013 Seminar: Cantonese opera and the Mei-Ou challenge: Regional theater in the age of nationalism
23 April 2013 Talk: Selling American Popular Culture in China: Managing the Public Image of Disneyland Hong Kong
18-19 April 2013 Exhibition: 50 Years of the Elysée Treaty
11 April - 3 May 2013 Japan Month 2013
10 April 2013 Seminar: Home Away From Home: Displacement and Cosmopolitanism in the Itinerary of Xiao Hong
28 March 2013 Book Launch: China Fashion: Conversations with Designers
28 March 2013 Lecture: The Margins of Love in Contemporary Korean Cinema
27-28 March 2013 Workshop: Young Scholars Workshop on Creativity in Cultural and Business Practices
27 March 2013 Seminar: Race, Ideology, and the Logistics of Perception: Cold War Optics in Asia
26-27 March 2013 Workshop: Film Production in the Greater China Region
24-25 March 2013 Conference: Politics of Creative Industries: Critical Reflections
19 March 2013 Advertisement: Post-doctoral Fellow in Sino-Korean Cultural Interactions (Closing: 15 April 2013)
2-24 April 2013 Arabic Learning Workshop
14 March 2013 Italian Summer Courses at the University for Foreigners in Perugia (Deadline: 12 April 2013)
13 March 2013 Seminar: Collecting social credit: Pop culture’s impact on cultural capital
6 March 2013 Seminar: Ventriloquism, or How to Make Gay Art in the American 1950s
5 March 2013 Talk: In the footsteps of Alexandre YERSIN, discoverer of the plague bacillus in 1894 in Hong Kong
4-27 March 2013 Hispanic Month at HKU 2013
6 February 2013 Seminar: From Conceptual History to Iconology - From Carl Schmitt to Reinhart Koselleck
25 January 2013 Workshop: Grammar in the classroom. Learning grammar structures TO KNOW them, or TO USE them?
13 January 2013 Part-time Student Research Assistants Recruitment (Deadline: 5 February 2013)
19 December 2012 Seminar: Japanese Popular Culture and Teaching
14 December 2012 Mexican Folklore Dance by Ballet Folklorico del Estado de Mexico
13 December 2012 Talk: Love and the Sentimental Family in Qing China
28 November 2012 Loy Krathong - Thai Lantern Festival
28 November 2012 Seminar: Madonna Verde: New Reproductive Technologies in Japanese Popular Culture
21 November 2012 Seminar: Cognitive Hands: What Gestures Tell US About Bilingualism and Language Development
19 November 2012 Talk: Practical Business and Cultural Insights of Latin America
14 November 2012 Seminer: Racialization and Intimate Colonial Space: Intermarriage in Korean Literature in the1930s-1940s
6 November 2012 American Pop Culture Illustrated by Michael Sloan
5-6 November 2012 All day long : Day of the Dead
2 November 2012 Scholarships for Italian Winter Language Courses at the University for Foreigners Perugia
2 November 2012 Seminar: The Holocaust as a Unique Event in History
1 November 2012 Seminar: China’s New Economic Elites: Family histories and social change
25-26 October 2012 Lectures: Shortcut to Korean culture
24 October 2012 Seminar: Chop Suey as Imagined Authentic Chinese Food in America
8 Oct - 1 Nov 2012 German October 2012
10 October 2012 Seminar: The Idea of European Literature
9 October 2012 Flash Fiction and Slam Poetry with Thaddeus Rutkowski
8-12 October 2012 Korean Film Festival at HKU
4 October 2012 Seminar: Varieties of European Capitalism: the Legacy of the Euro
26 September 2012 CNN U.S. Election Debate: Asia Matters
24 September 2012 Lecture: Ahab/Pip and Melville's Novel Governmentality
24 August 2012 Direct entry Qualifying Test for Japanese Language Courses
19 July 2012 SMLC Removal notice
4-6 June 2012 Conference: Oceanic Archives and Transnational American Studies
17-19 May 2012 Seminar: From Frame to Frame and Across the Gutters: Asian American Graphic Narratives
14 May 2012 Research Colloquium: Soft Engagement VS Hard Engagement: a Comparative Study on Chinese and European Cooperation Mechanism with Africa
7 May 2012 Research Colloquium: Cultural power - the socio-cultural study of fashion system in contemporary China
30 April 2012 Research Colloquium: Trust and Welfare
24 April 2012 Talk: So... what are you anyway?
23 April 2012 Research Colloquium: The role of human rights NGOs in foreign policy decision-making
16 April 2012 Research Colloquium: History of Adult Video Censorship in Japan
11 April 2012 Seminar: China’s Road Ahead: Cultural and Political Choices
3-26 April 2012 Japan Month at HKU 2012
30 March 2012 Seminar by Mr. Suga Tsutomu, Travel Writer
28 March 2012 Talk: 1989 - Global or Goofy History?
27-29 March 2012 Conference: Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Collaboration and Conflict
26 March 2012 Research Colloquium: Western and Chinese foreign and development cooperation policies in Africa
19 March, 2012 Perugia Summer Course Briefing
19 March 2012 Research Colloquium: The influence of Japan Culture in HK pop scene in the 80’s
14 March 2012 Norwegian Jazz Night with Excess Luggage
14 March 2012 Seminar: Consuming Latin/o American Popular Culture in China
14 March 2012 Talk: Reflections on the Nordic Welfare Model
13 March 2012 Talk: The Art and Practice of Bullfighting
12 March 2012 Seminar: Globalising Chinese Gender and Masculinity
13-29 March 2012 Hispanic Month at HKU 2012
12 March 2012 Research Colloquium: Comparative studies on Japanese and American animated film
10-11 March 2012 The European Higher Education Fair 2012
1 March 2012 Talk: A Historical Review of Japanese Policies on Inbound Tourism
29 February 2012 Seminar: Doing Business in China… in the Early Nineteenth Century
27 February 2012 Research Colloquium: Cultural Localization- A case study of BL Culture
27 February 2012 Talk: Fountains of Culture: Hollywood, MacArthur, and the American Reconstruction of Japan after World War II
22 February 2012 Talk: Spider-man India: Comic Books and Translating American Mythologies of Heroism
20 February 2012 Research Colloquium: Guoxue (National Learning) since the 1990s: a Discourse Analysis
15 February 2012 Talk: Dr. Freud's Little Jokes or How the Jews Became Funny?
13 February 2012 Research Colloquium: A case study of an AV actress’s image-building in Chinese text
9 February 2012 Talk: The Future of the EU's Political Economy- the German Perspective
8 February 2012 Seminar: Censorship of Visual Culture in the United States
6 February 2012 Research Colloquium: Theorizing Women’s Writing in Women’s Press
3 February 2012 Arabic Learning Workshop
2 February 2012 Talk: The Future of the EU's Political Economy
19 January 2012 Talk: Wastefulness and Reinvention in Millennial Japan
13 January 2012 Class venues for 2nd semester 2011-2012 classes
28 December 2011 Advertisement: Research Assistant II
30 November 2011 Talk: Dysfunctional Democracy in America
29 November 2011 Research Colloquium : Constructing Climate Policy - China & The European Union
24 November 2011 Talk: Archipelagos of Faith - American Religion; Chinese Religion
23 November 2011 Seminar: Revisiting the Chinese Discourse on Chinese Cultural Nationalism of the 1990s
22 November 2011 講座: 大陸央企企業文化的淵源
18 November 2011 Staff-Student Consultative Committee (Language Programmes)
16 November 2011 Talk: From the U.S. to Asia: Localizing American Animation for Asian Markets
15 November 2011 Film Show: An Autumn's Tale - Meet University Artist Mabel Cheung
11 November 2011 Thai Lantern Festival
9 November 2011 Film Show: Gran Torino
9 November 2011 Seminar: 'Troubling' American Women: A Coda
7 November 2011 Talk: The Holistic Ideal of the Humanities and Religious Revelation: Linguistic-Cultural Diaspora or a New Universality?
2 November 2011 Film Show: The Wedding Banquet
26 October 2011 Seminar: From Ah Q to Lei Feng - Freud and Revolutionary Spirit in 20th Century China
25 October 2011 Screening Autumn Gem - A Documentary on Modern China’s First Feminist
22 October 2011 Concert: An exceptional evening with the Manfred Quartet
20 October 2011 Talk: Joual in Canadian Translational Spaces in Michel Tremblay’s Les Belles-soeurs
12 October 2011 Seminar: Asian Modernity - Images of New Women from Chinese and Japanese Posters in 1920-30s
6 October 2011 Talk: Spain - a social and economic portrait
4 October 2011 Talk: The Challenges Graduates Face in Today's Labour Market
3-27 October 2011 German October 2011
28 September 2011 Seminar: Transnational Solidarity among Women Activists in Hong Kong
22 September 2011 Arabic Information Talk
14 September 2011 Seminar: Sequencing and Contingent Individualism in the Graphic, Postcolonial Spaces of Satrapi's Persepolis and Okubo's Citizen 13660
18 June 2011 Sad Loss of Mr. Fuminobu Murakami
31 May 2011 Talk: Bob Dylan in China - Visions of Beatitude
23-24 May 2011 Colloquium: A Tale of Ten Cities: Sino-American Exchange in Chinese Port Cities, 1840-1950.
17 May 2011 Seminar: Writing Book Reviews - Handy Hints and Cautionary Tales
3 May 2011 Research Colloquium: Family communication in Japanese films
28 April 2011 Seminar: Filipino Women’s Movements in Transnational Spaces
27 April 2011 Research Colloquium: The changing face of a Japanese casual wear company in Hong Kong
21 April 2011 Talk: Listening to Lovecraft: 'Weird Fiction' Among the New Media
21 April 2011 Seminar: Crossing Boundaries & Lesson Drawing: Bridging gaps in Knowledge Exchange from Developed Countries to Developing Countries
20 April 2011 Research Colloquium: National Learning Craze
20 April 2011 Talk: Puerto Rican Culture and Literature in its Caribbean Historical Perspective
18 April 2011 Talk: A Task-Based Advanced-level Language and Culture Education - A Showcase of Korean Language
12 April 2011 Research Colloquium: Studying Japanese Style Girl Fashion in Taipei
7-21 April 2011 Japan Month at HKU 2011 - Ganbare Japan
6 April 2011 Film Show: The Wild Bunch (1969)
31 March 2011 Talk: Studying in Germany
8-31 March 2011 Hispanic Month at HKU 2011
30 March 2011 Talk: Challenges faced by the Portuguese Education System
29 March 2011 Lecture: The Wild, Wild... East? - The Boxer Uprising in American Popular Culture
22 March 2011 Research Colloquium: Man in the modern world - the paradoxical existence in the works of Italo Calvino
15 March 2011 Lecture: Them's Fighting Words - Masculinity, Violence, and the American Cowboy in the Late Nineteenth Century
15 March 2011 Research Colloquium: Bl manga study
9 March 2011 Seminar: We are victims, aren’t we?
9 March 2011 Talk: Small Country - Big Brand
8 March 2011 Film Show: Shane (1953)
8 March 2011 Film Show: Celda 211 (Prison Cell 211) (2009)
8 March 2011 Research Colloquium: Presentation of a comparative study of European and Chinese foreign and development cooperation policies in Southern Africa
7-8 March 2011 Workshops with renowned German graphic novelist Reinhard Kleist
24 February 2011 Talk: Study in France
23 February 2011 Seminar: Sex and the City - German Culture after the Fall of the Wall
22 February 2011 Film Show: High Noon (1952)
22 February 2011 Research Colloquium: The Spirit of Repentance - A German-Jewish Legacy in Postwar Europe
17 February 2011 講座: 漢語精神與中國思維
16 February 2011 Research Colloquium: Portrayal of Women Images in Japan Pop swayed the Asia Entertainment Media
15 February 2011 Lecture: Revising Authorship for a Digital Age - Henry James and the Remediation of the Author
14 February 2011 Love around the World
13 February 2011 Talk: Effective instruction for Japanese writing
9 February 2011 Seminar: R.W. Fassbinder’s Whity - Addressing Race Through Hollywood Genres
28 January 2011 Talk: Mapping Genders in Post-War Japan
26 January 2011 Seminar: Was Twain White? The Transnational Frame of Blackness in the Work of Mark Twain
26 January 2011 Talk: Dear Boss. How are you? Addressing superiors in letters
25 January 2011 Film show: The Western - Deconstruction of a Genre: The Searchers (1956)
13-15 January 2011 Conference: The Power to Heal - Ways and Obstacles to Collective Reconciliation in Eastern and Western Traditions
12 January 2011 Talk: The use of E-mail as a Teaching and Learning Tool
16 December 2010 Talk: The Model Minority Debate in the US: A Current Perspective
11-12 December 2010 Workshop: Inventing Commercial Culture in East Asia - A historical study on Advertising
4 December 2010 Talk: Oral Proficiency Interview and its Application to Classroom Activities
1 December 2010 Talk: Periodic Struggles - Origins of Menstruation Leave in 20th century Japan
26 November 2010 Talk: Britain in the 1960s - Happy Days or Prelude to a Long Road Down?
17 November 2010 Seminar: A Tale of Many Newspapers: Reflections on the Reportage of the Edison Chen Scandal
15-17 November 2010 The Festival of Lights
6 November 2010 Talk: Assessment in Japanese Language Education
5 November 2010 Talk: Listening to Late Mao China - Auditory Culture and Daily Practice in 1970s Chinese Cities
3 November 2010 Seminar: Political Attitudes of Young Chinese, Japanese and Koreans
2 November 2010 Talk: The Challenges Facing Graduates in Today’s Labour Market
29 October 2010 Talk: Beyond the Gulag - Solzhenitsyn and Dissent in the Soviet Union
4 Oct-10 Nov 2010 German October 2010: 20th Anniversary of German Reunification
27 October 2010 Seminar: Monomania, Science, and the Birth of American Sinology
26 October 2010 Guten Appetit – German Food Fest
13 October 2010 Talk: European and Chinese thoughts on diplomacy, statecraft and international law
13 October 2010 Talk: Germany - Your Destination for Study and Research!
11 October 2010 Performance: Tuna de Melilla
6 October 2010 Seminar: Commodore Matthew Perry's Narrative of the Expedition of an American Squadron to the China Seas and Japan
4 October 2010 Panel Discussion: 20 Years of German Reunification: Success or Failure?
29 September 2010 Seminar: Creating a Colonial Home: Domesticity in the East Asian Colonies
27 September 2010 Talk: What future for the French Language? A Prospective Analysis.
24 September 2010 Talk: One Woman, ‘Five Lives’ - A Trajectory through 20th Century German Art, Politics and Pop
2 September 2010 Portuguese Tuna Performance
13-15 August 2010 Conference: Harmony and Order vs. Spontaneity and Revolt in Eastern and Western Philosophies
30 July 2010 New course prefixes
2 July 2010 Talk: Life in a Dovecote: Housing in Occupied Shanghai, 1937-1941
24 May-16 Jun 2010 Portuguese Poster Exhibition: Fernao, Are You Lying?
14 June 2010 Talk: China, the Chinese Diaspora and Spain
9-10 June 2010 Conference: From South China to North America: New Perspectives on Chinese American Transnationalism
4-5 June 2010 Workshop: The Built Environment of East Asian Colonial Coastal Cities: 1840-1925
19 May 2010 Seminar: Politics of Realism in Contemporary Venezuelan Filmmaking
11 May 2010 Research Colloquium: Man in the modern world - the paradoxical existence in the works of Italo Calvino
5 May 2010 Research Colloquium: Japanese TV Drama Study in Hong Kong
5 May 2010 Seminar: A Floating Sense of Selves: Kikou Yamata's Mediation of Japan
3 May 2010 Research Colloquium: German Repentance and European Reconciliation - Methodological Issues and Preliminary Findings
30 April 2010 Talk: Discourse Politeness Theory and Language Education Studies
28 April 2010 Seminar: What Can a National Anthem Tell Us? The Tale of the 'New' Balkan Anthems
28 April 2010 Talk: Comparing Academic Writing: Some Lexical and Stylistic Features of German and English
24-25 April 2010 Workshop: Inter-Asian Gender and Health
16-23 April 2010 Japan Month 2010
22 April 2010 Talk: Reconceptualizing Writing as an Intellectual Act
21 April 2010 Research Colloquium: Branding and promotion - Japanese corporate ethnography in Cosmetic Industry in China
21 April 2010 Seminar: Demonstrating the Superiority of European Civilization to the Chinese, 1793 and 1860
15 April 2010 Seminar: Demographic Change and the Future of American Politics
13-14 April 2010 Luso-Afro-Brazilian Festival
14 April 2010 Talk: The EU and the US at the UN: A New Treaty, a New Administration, a New Hope?
14 April 2010 Talk: The Character of the French Language
13 April 2010 Talk: The Perils and Pitfalls of Editing Academic Books
8 April 2010 American Studies Field Trip 2010 Briefing Session
7 April 2010 Talk: The Making of a Chinese American Community in Boston, 1870-1965
7 April 2010 Talk: Study in France
31 March 2010 Talk: Current Food Practices in the USA: Health and Environmental Consequences
31 March 2010 Talk: The Nordic Model - A Successful Combination of Capitalism and Welfarism?
31 March 2010 Talk: France and Europe, Why?
1-30 March 2010 Hispanic Month at HKU 2010
30 March 2010 Career Talk for BBA and BA students: National Australia Bank and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd
30 March 2010 Hispanic Month: Talk by the Consul General of Venezuela in Hong Kong
24 March 2010 Talk: Leadership and Diplomacy in European Integration
24 March 2010 Talk in French by Canadian writer Marie Laberge: How to become a writer?
23 March 2010 Research Colloquium: Managing the Energy Security-Climate Change nexus: European Union as a Normative Power?
18-20 March 2010 Conference: Revolutions - Finished and Unfinished, From Primal to Final
18 March 2010 Talk by Man Asian Prize Winner Su Tong
17 March 2010 Seminar: Views of the Tragedies of Hurricane Katrina and the Asian Tsunami
17 March 2010 Talk: The Great Chocolate Wall of Hong Kong
17 March 2010 Talk: New Initiatives in Education, Integration and Research in Germany
13-14 March 2010 The European Higher Education Fair 2010
11 March 2010 Seminar: President Obama - One Year Later
10 March 2010 Seminar: Tensions of Power in World History: Eric Voegelin's 'Order and History'
9 March 2010 Research Colloquium: Contouring city-mosaic in a glocalizing world
6 March 2010 Inter-University French Speech Competition
4 March 2010 Call for Papers: Harmony and Order vs. Spontaneity and Revolt in Eastern and Western Philosophies
1 March 2010 Research Colloquium: The Dandyism of Charles Baudelaire and Oscar Wilde
24 February 2010 Seminar: Franz Rosenzweig and Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy
23 February 2010 Working Holiday Visa for Japan Orientation Session
22 February 2010 Language Without Boundaries
18-20 February 2010 Conference: Translatio Imperii in the 3rd Millennium
10 February 2010 Seminar: Female Spies and Sexspionage: Barrack whores or noble patriots?
8 February 2010 Research Colloquium: German Coverage of China in the Age of Globalization
4 February 2010 Talk: Voltaire and China
3 February 2010 Talk: A Double Sense of an Artistic Revolution
3 February 2010 Research Colloquium: An Analysis of Arashi (1999-2009) & Fans Practices Research
27 January 2010 Seminar: Where There Are Asians, There Are Rice Cookers - How 'National' Went Global via Hong Kong
22 January 2010 Talk: The Rise of Chinese Liberal, Conservative and Moderate Socialist Thought in the Early Republic
13 January 2010 Seminar: The Praise of Idiocy - Rhetoric in Breton, Beckett, Faulkner, and Cortázar
8-9 January 2010 The Fifth Annual Conference: The Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong
8 January 2010 Book Launch: Where there are Asians, there are Rice Cookers
3 December 2009 Talk: Cultures and Trajectories of the Avant-garde in the Chinese Performing Arts
20 November 2009 Talk: Media Culture in Ireland and its lesson for China
18 November 2009 Talk: Italian Visions and Ideas on China 1750-1870
13 November 2009 Open Forum on American Studies at The University of Hong Kong
5 Oct - 6 Nov 2009 German October 2009
30 October 2009 Talk: The Thinking Patterns of the Leaders of Chinese Companies
23-26 October 2009 Conference: Love in the Religions of the World
16-17 October 2009 Symposium: Politics and Poetics of Asian Intangible Cultural Heritage
15 October 2009 Talk: Languages, Nationalism and Internationalization
13 October 2009 Talk: Text and Translation - Implications for Teaching
28 September 2009 Talk: Geox - How a Simple Idea Can Lead to a Fortune
18 September 2009 Storytelling with Valentina Ortiz
21 July 2009 Japan Education Fair
15 July 2009 Fu-Fu Live from Japan
5 July 2009 Summer Course for Children
29-30 June 2009 Symposium: Southeast Asia between Japan and China
25-28 June 2009 Conference: The Hidden God and Traces of the Sacred
24 June 2009 Talk: How to understand the ups and downs of post-war Japanese economy
23 June 2009 Research Colloquium: From "V is the Sign" to "Love Generation"
19-20 June 2009 Conference: Europe and China - Changing Global Roles
15-17 June 2009 Research Colloquium on Narratives of Free Trade in Early Sino-American Relations
30 May 2009 Languages Funfair
24-27 May 2009 Sino-Japanese Relations Research Symposium 2009
6 May 2009 Research Colloquium: 会(Hui) and its practice in circulation in a Chinese rural community
5 May 2009 Research Colloquium: An anthropological study of a Japanese supermarket in the Chinese context
30 April 2009 Talk: Two Types of Nonrestrictive Relatives
29 April 2009 Talk: The Motif between Islamic Art and Arabic Folklore
8-25 April 2009 Japan Month 2009
24 April 2009 Lusophone Cinema - Film Show
22 April 2009 Research Colloquium: The German Coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
16 April 2009 Research Colloquium: Riding Langston Hughes’s “Freedom Train” to the Musical Poetry of Nas
15 April 2009 Talk: The Crisis of the Humanities and the Redefinition of Hispanism
15 April 2009 Research Colloquium: An anthropological study of Johnny’s fans in Hong Kong
14 April 2009 American Studies “Urban Culture” Film Series
14 April 2009 Talk: Study and Research in Germany - The International Way
8 April 2009 Research Colloquium: The production process of Japanese cultural industry in the age of globalization
8 April 2009 Talk: Women's Suffrage in China
7 April 2009 Research Colloquium: Japanese Human Resource Management in Mainland China
1 April 2009 Swedish Easter Celebration
31 March 2009 Talk: Unemployment in Europe - Implications for China?
9-30 March 2009 Hispanic Month at HKU 2009
25 March 2009 Talk: China and Japan - Competitors or Partners?
23 March 2009 Italian Film Show
21 March 2009 French Speaking Day
18 March 2009 Research Colloquium: Relations between China and Germany
18 March 2009 American Studies Lecture Series
11 March 2009 Talk: German - Chinese Relations: An Overview
7-8 March 2009 European Higher Education Fair 2009
25 February 2009 Talk: Does Sweden prosper despite or because of its social welfare structure
23 February 2009 Italian Programme Film Show
19 February 2009 Lecture: Concentration Camps on the Home Front: Japanese Americans in the House of Jim Crow
18 February 2009 Research Colloquium: Revolution of Nintendo
18 February 2009 Lecture: Barack Obama and the President's Race
15 February 2009 From Kowloon City to the World
7-9 February 2009 Workshop: Intercultural flow in East Asia
16 December 2008 Call For Papers: The Koreas between Japan and China
16 December 2008 Call for Papers: The United States between Japan and China
10 December 2008 Research Colloquium : The Comparison in Dandyism between Charles Baudelaire and Oscar Wilde
9 December 2008 Talk: Perceptions of Europe since world war II
26 November 2008 Talk: France for You
21 November 2008 Thai Lantern Festival
13 November 2008 A Dialogue on Sino-Japanese Relations
8-9 November 2008 The Eighth International Symposium on Japanese Language Education and Japanese Studies
6 November 2008 Documentary Film Show & Panel Discussion: The Blood of Yingzhou District
5 November 2008 Talk: France in Europe
5 November 2008 Talk: Key Moments in American Literature to 1865
23-26 October 2008 Conference: Faith in Reason and Reason in Faith
20-21 October 2008 International Conference on Korean Language Education in Asia
3 October 2008 Mo Yan wins Newman Prize for Chinese Literature
3 October 2008 Talk: Pompeii and Stabiae
2-30 October 2008 German October 2008
23 September 2008 Talk: The Image of Spain in Contemporary Spanish Cinema
8 September 2008 Talk: The Glorious Revolution and the Birth of Modern Britain
16-17 June 2008 France and China Conference 2008
10-11 June 2008 Sino-Japanese Relations Symposium
5 June 2008 Exchange meet with Japanese School students
2-4 June 2008 Workshop on Governing Global City-Regions in China and the West
June - July 2008 Language Without Boundaries
30 May 2008 Seminar: On the Geopolitical and Discursive Origins of Cosmopolitanism in Hong Kong
29 May 2008 The First HKU French Alumni Reunion
23 Sept - 22 Oct 2009 French Festival
29 May 2008 Seminar: Boundary and Power in Globalizing China and Taiwan
8 May 2008 Lecture: Through the windows of memory
30 April 2008 Research Colloquium: Field work in a Japanese Woman's Company
25 April 2008 Students in Japanese Studies: Plays, Poems and Presentations
24 April 2008 Japanese Traditional Inns and their Great Female Managers
23 April 2008 Research Colloquium: Working in Japanese MNC subsidiaries
16 April 2008 Research Colloquium: Think Globally Act Locally: Japanese Retail Organization in Anthropological Perspective
16 April 2008 Talk: Turkey - Outlook for Political Risks
16 April 2008 Get into the J-pop Groove
11 April 2008 Seminar: (Re)Constructing Chinese National and Cultural Identit(ies) in the Age of Globalization
9 April 2008 Research Colloquium: Christian Girls' Schools and the Discourse of Girls' Education In Meiji Japan (1868 - 1912)
2 April 2008 Research Colloquium: Common Sense & Alice in Wonderland
2 April 2008 Germany and China - A Talk by the German Consul-General
1 April 2008 Talk: An Assessment of EU Policy Towards Asia
28 March 2008 Talk: Getting into Synch with the World- Time and the Global in the Cinema of Jia Zhangke
26 March 2008 Talk: Post-Mortem Mailer - A Retrospective on America's Journalist and Critic
26 March 2008 Research Colloquium: A Study on Women in Franz Kafka and Milan Kundera
20 March 2008 Peacefulness through a Bowl of Tea
20 Mar - 25 Apr 2008 Japan Month 2008
19 March 2008 Research Colloquium: Popularization of Japanese Videogame - Nintendo Revolution
17 March 2008 Korean Cinema Seminar: Lee Chang-dong and the Cinema of Critical Reflection
15-16 March 2008 European Higher Education Fair 2008
13-28 March 2008 Hispanic Month at HKU
10-12 March 2008 Workshop: Reception of Japanese Popular Culture in Asia
7 March 2008 Talk: Studying Modern Chinese Literature after Theory
6 March 2008 Talk by Ms Mitsuyo Kakuta
29 February 2008 The Eighth International Symposium on Japanese Language Education and Japanese Studies - Call for Paper
28 February 2008 'Alexandre Yersin' Execellence Scholarship 2008 - Call for Applicants
24 February 2008 From Kowloon City to the World Carnival
15 February 2008 Talk: The Age of Openness: China before Mao
15 February 2008 Recruitment Talk: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
29 January 2008 Japanese Studies Student Wins First Prize in Essay Writing Competition
18 January 2008 Talk: Anthropology in China: Thought and Methodology
17 January 2008 Talk: Governance and the Production of Public Goods in a Contemporary Chinese Rural Community
12 January 2008 SMLC's Yoshiko Nakano hosts HKU Arts Talk on RTHK Radio 4
7-11 January 2008 Beijing Foreign Studies University Delegation Visits SMLC
18 December 2007 Certificate Courses offered in 2nd semester2007-08
6-9 December 2007 Conference: St. Augustine: His Legacy and Relevance
30 November 2007 Public Lecture: Sino-Japanese Relations
28 November 2007 Sino-Japanese Culture Exchange Forum
23 November 2007 Za Ondekoza - Japanese Drumming Group
22 November 2007 French Pop Evening
13-16 November 2007 Thai Week 2007
5-10 November 2007 14th European Film Festival
9 November 2007 Seminar: His Influence on Contemporary Society
9 November 2007 Eliana Burki - The Other Face of Swiss Alphorn
5-6 November 2007 Conference: Decolonisation of the Soul - Hong Kong, China and Japan
29 October 2007 Talk: A Winning Strategy - German Companies in Hong Kong : Present and Future Outlooks
29 October 2007 Talk: Structural Changes in Trade & Economic Relations in the Pan-Pacific - A Japanese Perspective
5-31 October 2007 German October 2007
4 October 2007 Launch of Korean Programme
27 September 2007 Talk: Marketing Scents and the Anthropology of Smell
13 September 2007 Talk: GEOX - An idea is worth more than a factory
5-7 August 2007 The 4th International Conference on Japan-Korea-Asia Education
4 July 2007 Research Colloquium: Once were Japanese - a study of the elder native Taiwanese
27 June 2007 Lecture: Secrets and Lies in Aki Shimazaki’s Pentalogy
26 June 2007 Lecture: Dissociation and Solidification - Keys to “Complex Interculturality”?
18 June 2007 Lecture: Study abroad and the development of oral proficiency
7 June 2007 Exchange meet with Japanese School students
4 June 2007 Discussion Session with Students of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
18-20 May 2007 Workshop on Japanese Language and Japanese Education
16 May 2007 Research Colloquium: Working for Japanese companies versus non-Japanese companies
15 May 2007 Research Colloquium: Images of Japanese women in Hong Kong Print Media
9 May 2007 Talk: Issues in the teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language
9 May 2007 Research Colloquium: Why Japanese women enter entrepreneurship
3-11 May 2007 French Week 2007
2 May 2007 American Studies Book Launch and Fulbright Lecture
30 April 2007 Okinawa Eisa Dance at the Triennial Intervarsity Games Pledge Ceremony
3-30 April 2007 Japan Month 2007
18 April 2007 Research Colloquium: Christian Girl’s Education in Meiji Japan
11 April 2007 Research Colloquium: Japanese TV Drama in Hong Kong
4 April 2007 Lecture: German - Chinese Relationship
4 April 2007 Research Colloquium: Problems of Translating Contemporary Japanese Comics into Chinese
31 Mar - 1 Apr 2007 European Higher Education Fair 2007
19-29 March 2007 Hispanic Week at HKU (Semana Hispánica de HKU))
15 March 2007 Seminar: The Japanese Economy - Today and Tomorrow
12-15 March 2007 Workshop on Japanese business
7 March 2007 Recruitment Talk: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
28 February 2007 Portugal Film Show
9 February 2007 Hong Kong English-German poetry: A celebration
2 February 2007 Love, Loss, and Laughter - German Cabaret Songs by Eva Meier
Dec 2006 - Jan 2007 SMLC Overseas Language Course Study Grants 2006-2007
21 December 2006 Seminar: Is Japanese Higher Education Really in Crisis ?
7 Apr - 2 May 2014 Japan Month 2014
7-9 December 2014 Hong Kong As Method (香港作為方法) International Conference
4 Nov - 2 Dec 2006 From Kowloon City to the World
30 November 2006 Spanish Serenades Lunch Concert: Male 'Tuna' Group
13-18 November 2006 13th European Film Festival
7 November 2006 Talk: Creative Translation
25-31 October 2006 The Portuguese Language, an Ocean of Cultures - Exhibition on Portuguese poems
1 Oct - 1 Nov 2006 German October
17 October 2006 Lecture: Outlook for the Japanese Economy
11 October 2006 Fados: Traditional Music from Portugal
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