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To Our Graduates (Major, Minor and Certificate Courses):

The School of Modern Languages and Cultures hopes to strengthen the network of our students and alumni. We plan to have reunions in the future. We will inform you about employment opportunities through our Graduate Net e-mail list. And we will explore ways to use our network to bring together our graduates and current students.

If you get a Management Trainee post, if you win an award or a scholarship, if you are in the press, please keep us informed. These will inspire our students and gratify your teachers.

To keep in touch, may we remind you to leave with us your contact details by completing and returning the Graduate Data Form so that we can input the data into our Graduate Network?

As we have to update the information on our Graduate Network from time to time, we would be grateful, therefore, if you could also send us your latest information again sometime after graduation, especially your working address, telephone number and email.

The Graduate Network is not only an alumni network for us to keep in touch with you, but also to serve as a platform, where graduates and those who are interested can be informed of job opportunities. So, please spare a minute to fill out the Graduate Data Form.

Thank you for your cooperation!

School of Modern Languages and Cultures
The University of Hong Kong

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