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School of Modern Languages and Cultures
The University of Hong Kong
Head of School (Acting)
Dr. Wong, John D.O.
Deputy Heads
Dr. Wong, John D.O. Chair of Committee on Publications
Dr. Vogt, Carl Roland Chair of Committee on Research and Postgraduate Studies
Mr. Holtermann, Sylvain Chair of Committee on Outreach and Development
- Chair of Committee on Student Affairs and Resources  
Mr. Urbanski, Paul Heinz Chair of Committee on Teaching, Curriculum and Examination
Mr. Urbanski, Paul Heinz Chair of Committee on Human Resources and Budget
Dr. Vogt, Carl Roland Chair of Committee on the EUST ‐ LANG Management Committee
Programme Directors
Dr. Tesfaye, Facil African Studies Programme
Dr. Gruenewald, Tim American Studies Programme
Dr. Kim, Loretta China Studies Programme
Dr. Fichter, James European Studies Programme
Dr. Wong, Max W.L. Global Creative Industries Programme
Prof. Chu, Stephen Y.W. Hong Kong Studies
Dr. Trambaiolo, Daniel Department of Japanese Studies
Dr. Cha, Paul S.K. Korean Studies Programme
Dr. Abbas, Mohamed Salah Eldin Arabic Programme
Mr. Holtermann, Sylvain French Programme
Mr. Urbanski, Paul Heinz German Programme
- Greek Programme  
Dr. Camporese, Nadia Italian Programme
Ms. Almeida, Dora Portuguese Programme
Ms. Blasco-Garcia, Rocio Spanish Programme
Mrs. Tolinsson Ting, Kristina Swedish Programme
Ms. Ratana-U-Bol, Kanokwal Thai Programme
African Studies
Dr. Tesfaye, Facil Assistant Professor
Dr. Ibáñez-García, Estela Temporary Assistant Professor
Dr. Chow, Emily Shun Man Post-doctorial Fellow
American Studies
Dr. Gruenewald, Tim Assistant Professor
Dr. Ford, Staci Honorary Associate Professor
Dr. McGrath, Patrick Terence Lecturer
China Studies
Dr. Kim, Loretta Assistant Professor
Dr. Bennett, Mia Assistant Professor
Dr. Leung, Shuk Man Assistant Professor
Dr. Li, Ji Assistant Professor
Dr. Teo, Victor E.L. Assistant Professor
Dr. Wong, Samuel C.H. Teaching Assistant
Prof. Edwards, Louise P Honorary Professor
Dr. Orly, Selena Honorary Assistant Professor
European Studies
Dr. Auer, Stefan Associate Professor
Dr. Fichter, James Associate Professor
Dr. Vogt, Carl Roland Assistant Professor
Dr. Cristaudo, Waynene Honorary Associate Professor
Global Creative Industries
Dr. Wong, Dixon H.W. Associate Professor
Dr. Wong, Max W.L. Assistant Professor
Hong Kong Studies
Prof. Chu, Stephen Y.W. Professor
Dr. Leung, Shuk Man Assistant Professor
Dr. Wong, John D.O. Assistant Professor
Dr. Chee, Wai Chi Honorary Assistant Professor
Japan Studies
Dr. Nakano, Yoshiko Associate Professor
Dr. Borland, Janet Assistant Professor
Dr. Goddard, Timothy Unverzagt Assistant Professor
Dr. Poch, Daniel Taro Assistant Professor
Dr. Teo, Victor E.L. Assistant Professor
Dr. Trambaiolo, Daniel Assistant Professor
Korean Studies
Dr. Cha, Paul S.K. Assistant Professor
Dr. Kim, Su Yun Assistant Professor
Dr. Amar, Nathanel Haim Post-doctorial Fellow (in Society of Fellows)
Arabic Programme
Dr. Alomarini, Mohammed Visiting Lecturer
Dr. Abbas, Mohamed Salah Eldin Part-time Lecturer
French Programme
Mr. Holtermann, Sylvain Senior Lecturer
Ms. Li, Marie Lecturer
Dr. Martinez, Valerie Lecturer
Mr. Guerillot, Benoit Gilles Assistant Lecturer
Ms. Chin, Julienne H.Y. Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Robert, David William Assistant Lecturer
German Programme
Mr. Urbanski, Paul Heinz Senior Lecturer
Dr. Chong, Li Lecturer
Ms. Fung, Tonja Lecturer
Mr. Purwins, Stefan Assistant Lecturer
Ms. Tang, Shirly Assistant Lecturer
Greek Programme
Italian Programme
Dr. Camporese, Nadia Assistant Lecturer
Ms. Riboldi, Ilaria Assistant Lecturer
Japanese Programme
Dr. Yorozu, Miho Senior Lecturer
Ms. Chan, Yuen Ling Lecturer
Ms. Kobayashi, Maki Lecturer
Mr. Kodama, Hiroaki Lecturer
Ms. Mito, Atsuko Lecturer
Ms. Yoshikawa, Takako Lecturer
Mr. Lau, Isaac K.H. Assistant Lecturer
Ms. Nishimura, Yuki Assistant Lecturer
Korean Programme
Ms. Lee, Kangsoon Senior Lecturer
Ms. Ko, Euneee Visiting Lecturer
Ms. Chang, Eunkyung Assistant Lecturer
Ms. Lee, Eulji Assistant Lecturer
Ms. Paik, Youngkyoung Assistant Lecturer
Ms. Yoon, Sung Hee Assistant Lecturer
Portuguese Programme
Ms. Almeida, Dora Assistant Lecturer
Spanish Programme    
Ms. Blasco-Garcia, Rocio Senior Lecturer
Dr. Vázquez Vázquez, Mercedes Lecturer
Mr. de las Heras Saldaña, José Daniel Visiting Lecturer
Mr. Acosta Corte, Álvaro Assistant Lecturer
Dr. De Luna, María Eugenia Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Juaristi, Martin Assistant Lecturer
Swedish Programme
Mrs. Tolinsson Ting, Kristina Assistant Lecturer
Thai Programme
Ms. Ratana-U-Bol, Kanokwal Assistant Lecturer
School Office
Ms. Chan, Shirley L.P. Secretary to School Head
Ms. Chau, Cherry C.Y. Clerk
Ms. Cheng, Lucilla S.M. Executive Officer
Mr. Cheung, Hin Fai Clerical Assistant
Ms. Cheung, Zena Y.P. School Administration Manager
Mr. Chow, Peter Y.K. Clerk
Mr. Lau, Eddie W.K. Clerk (Finance and Resources)
Ms. Lo, Evelyn S.T. Executive Assistant
Mrs. Poon, Winnie M.F. Clerical Assistant  
Ms. Shum, Dorothy W.S. Executive Officer
Ms. Tse, Alice K.L Clerical Supervisor
Ms. Wong, Angel Y.T. Executive Assistant
Ms. Wong, Sammie M.K. Office Assistant  
Ms. Yeung, Yvonne S.H. School Office Supervisor
Ms. Yim, Venus Y.H. Clerk
Ms. Yuen, Jenny M.C. Office Attendant
Technical Office
Mr. Chan, Kevin H.S. School Technical Manager
Mr. Ho, William H.C. Senior Technical Officer
Mr. Lee, C.K. Senior Technician
Mr. Tang, Yu Hin IT Assistant
Ms. Wong, Ada C.Y. Laboratory Assistant

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